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Share your knowledge with the world, increase your Web presence, boost your website’s rankings, and drive more traffic to your Web business by contributing your training advice, muscle building tips, dieting tips, nutritional tips or other health and fitness tips with the Ask The Trainer community!

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Program Overview (FAQ)
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Program Overview (FAQ)

How will becoming an Ask The Trainer guest author benefit me?

In exchange for your quality exclusive content, you can use our traffic and rankings to boost your Web presence, drive more followers to your favorite social media platforms, and if you have a website, possibly even increase its rankings in major search engines.

We offer 3 simple promotion tiers for your article contributions, and you can reap great benefits even after only 1 article submission.

Tier 1:  1 Article Submission

  • All your articles will touch our worldwide audience. receives thousands of page views daily so this is a fantastic opportunity to share your knowledge and solidify yourself as a health and fitness expert.
  • All your articles will contain a link in your author bio to your primary website so interested readers can easily visit your site to learn more about you, your products, or services.
  • All your articles will contain social icons linking to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, and YouTube page so interested readers can easily jump over to your social channels.
  • All your articles will be blasted to the growing Facebook (29k) and Twitter (12k) fan page once they are live on the site.
  • All your articles will at the bottom of each post contain a photo of you along with a link to your personal AskTheTrainer author profile so your readers can learn more about you.  If you have a website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube or Pinterest page, your fans can easily access those channels from your profile too.

Tier 2:  3 Article Submissions

Once you’ve submitted 3 exclusive articles to, you become eligible to receive one custom link to your website using a custom keyword. This custom link may help you with your Internet marketing efforts.

You also become eligible to receive a free personal trainer PDF Charts Package.  Package includes:  4 printable body fat analysis charts, color and b&w RPE chart, 6-page editable consultation form, and an editable professionally written cancellation policy.  These printable forms and charts are ideal for new personal trainers, but they are also a great tool for seasoned trainers who may want to convey various concepts like “body fat percentage” to new or existing clients more easily.  After your third article has been published, shoot us a message requesting the PDF Charts Package and we’ll email it to you right away.

Tier 3:  8 Article Submissions

Once you’ve submitted 8 exclusive articles to,  you can request one additional custom link to your website to help with your Internet marketing efforts. We will also add your website to our Fitness Resources page where it will be listed alongside other key health & fitness resources, and we will add your photo and link to your author bio on our About Us page top contributor list of health & fitness professionals.

You also become eligible to receive new features as introduced.  For example, we may be introducing custom trainer pages, where you’ll be given the opportunity to promote and sell your own products or services on

Why become an Ask The Trainer guest author?

If you’re a health or fitness professional, becoming an guest writer is a fantastic way to share your knowledge with the world, increase your exposure on the Web, boost your website’s rankings, drive more traffic to your website, and boost your social media marketing efforts.

Our primary goal is to promote you and your website in exchange for sharing your in-depth knowledge with our community.  All our articles rank very well in search engines and we proudly run routine duplicate content checks to make sure your articles stay unique.

Because we are not a content farm (LiveStrong, EzineArticles, eHow, etc.) but a long running collaborative online health and fitness website, the benefits to you as a health or fitness professional are exponentially higher when your articles are published with us. Our approach is always quality over quantity so only experts in their field are published on AskTheTrainer.

Article directories, often referred to as content farms, for example contain hundreds of thousands of articles unrelated to health and fitness, the content quality on article directories is more often than not low quality, and your content is often duplicated all over the Web by spammers which can lead to duplicate content penalties, etc.  In addition to this, articles on directories do not rank so well in search results in the first place, as they once did prior to Google Panda and Penguin updates.

What qualifications are required to participate in the Ask The Trainer Author Program?

A college education or certification in a health or fitness related industry is “required” to participate in the Author Program.

What are the steps to register for the Ask The Trainer Author Program?

To get started fill out the Author Program Contact Form and we will get back to you via email with more details.

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Editorial Guidelines

  1. Each article must be completely exclusive to, and not published on any other website now or in the future.  Copyscape checks ran monthly.
  2. Each article must be at least 650 words.  We do however recommend larger articles for they often perform better in Google, Bing and other search engines.
  3. Each article must be written on a health or fitness related topic.  Pick a topic that you’d enjoy sharing!  Exercise and nutrition articles perform very well.  If you ever need some inspiration for article topics, take a look through our site anytime or send us an email as we’d be happy to provide you with some direction.
  4. No plagiarism. It’s ok to quote other sources and use information from them but you must reference them.
  5. Each article must be spell and grammar checked.
  6. We have the right to publish, refuse or remove any article.
  7. If needed, we reserve the right to edit any article we publish.

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