10 Inspirational Sports Movies Worth Seeing For Students

Sport is the inalienable part of the college experience and it is hard to imagine the college that doesn’t have local football or baseball teams. Through their school years, some students prepare themselves to play for the university teams and get a good scholarship. No matter how high your level of physical education is you still have to gain motivation from outside to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

What Can Be Better Motivation Than Inspirational Films?

There are so many great sports movies to choose from that will not only give you a right energy boost to continue working out but also will teach you how to work in the team and be strong and determined. If you’re a student, here are ten inspirational sports movies definitely worth seeing!

#1. The Blind Side (2009)

the blind sideOne of the sports movies based on true stories is “The Blind Side” with Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw. The movie follows the storyline of the book “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game,” written by Michael Lewis, about famous American football player Michael Oher. The plot of the movie evolves around the early age of the player, his family and the unexpected luck that pushed him to start a striking sports career.

Michael was one of the twelve children in his family and his mother suffered from a severe drug addiction that made her children spend some time in the foster care families. With the help of his father, Mike managed to get to the prestigious school, where he met a friend from a wealthy family Sean Jr. Later, in the film, we see how the lucky occasion, kindness and the unlimited love of the mother that does not only projects on her own children helps to unravel talent that is destined to be buried inside.

#2. Invincible (2006)

Another one of the motivational videos sports players involved in also was based on the true story. The plot of the movie tells about the life of American football player Vincent Papale that is considered to be one of the greatest members of the famous team Philadelphia Eagles. During the 1970s the team suffered through the very low period of its functioning while losing team members and experiencing losses in the games. How could one member change the situation for the better? The movie teaches students the invincible power of determination and persuasion.

#3. Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Although this movie is not based on the true story, still it falls into the category of the inspirational videos. Especially watching this movie would be beneficial for the female students to understand that they can achieve anything in any activity they would be interested in. The film tells a story of a woman that has a desire to pursue a career in boxing in spite of the lack of belief from the people around her. The movie that made Hilary Swank famous and got four Academy Awards can be considered the worthy material for the students.

#4. Invictus (2009)

Invictus movie (2009)This movie confidently took one of the top places in the list of the best sports movies for students. This is explained not only by the great acting crew and theme but by the really engaging plot. The events of the movie in 1995, in the year of the Rugby World Cup. The new South African President Nelson Mandela persuades the national team to win the competition. The plot of the movie follows the team on its journey to winning and get the viewer’s attention right away. Also, the acting crew of the movie is fascinating – it includes Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon.

#5. Moneyball (2011)

In the age of technological progress, it is unsurprising that people would want to make any activity easier with the help of computers. That idea certainly has occurred to the manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team Billy Beane that wanted to combine sports and technology. His idea was to create the most compatible team imaginable and he wanted to use all methods to achieve it. He managed to assemble a great team by employing computer-generated analyses to find the perfect members.

#6. Goal! (2005)

Although the storyline of this movie is not based on the real story, it still counts as one of the motivational films for students and the story in it could be a reality for sure. The plot revolves around the boy that grew up in a rough environment but has an extreme football talent. By the lucky accident, he gets into the professional football where his adventure begins.

#7. Concussion (2015)

This movie is based on the real story of the pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu that exposes the truth behind the success of the famous football players. The doctor made various researches during his career that shows how much concussions players experience during the average play and how they influence their brain. According to EduBirdie, this shows how hard the sports career actually is.

#8. United (2011)

united movie 2011The most dramatic film from the list is also based on the true story. The plot follows dramatic events that occurred in the 1950s to the first team of Manchester United that consisted mostly of young boys and was nicknamed as “Busby Babes” due to their manager Matt Busby. The young team were getting success at home and abroad before it was stopped by the tragic air crash that killed 7 players of the team on the return flight after the successful European Cup game.

#9. The Big Blue (1988)

The storyline of this one of the top inspirational movies follows the lives of the two friends that become the competing divers in the future. This movie is also based on a true story and was directed by Luc Besson, which makes it even better. The movie is considered to be classics of the French cinematography and is one of the most commercially successful films of all time.

#10. The Wrestler (2008)

What film would be the best to conclude the list? “The Wrestler” is a perfect movie by Darren Aronofsky that shows the life of a former professional wrestler that tries to find the way to live outside the ring. The movie explains that sometimes people have to let go of their most favorite things in life, which is very hard especially for the sportsmen.

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Sandra Hayward is an English professor at the University of California and writer at EduBirdie. In her free time she enjoys writing articles on the themes that might be interesting and inspiring for her young students.

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