10 Spring-Inspired Fitness Activities

10 Spring-Inspired Fitness Activities

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start making an action fitness plan for the season.

In addition to warmer temperatures, spring offers vibrant outdoor scenery and a variety of fun sports and fitness activities.

Don’t miss this list of the top 10:

#1. Rock Climbing – ready for a change of pace (and a change of scenery)? Head to your local rock climbing wall (or indoor rock climbing gym) and get your grip on. Rock climbing is a full body workout that engages both your leg and upper body muscles as you propel, reach, pull, and stabilize. Gear up for a new rock climbing hobby with forearm exercises and a hand workout tool, and find local rock climbing groups with Meetup.com.

#2. Take a Hike – did you know that hiking can burn between 400 and 550 calories per hour (depending on your size)? You increase that burn with simple additions like carrying extra weight in your pack or using trekking poles. Spring is the perfect time for hiking because of both the jaw-dropping scenery as well as temperatures that are still cooler than stifling summer heat. Use hiking apps like AllTrails or ViewRanger to find maps of great local hikes near you to get started.

#3. Cycling – hop off the stationary bike you hunkered down on in the gym during those cold winter months and head outdoors for routine bike rides around where you live. Cycling is a great cross-training activity for weight-lifters and runners as it’s easier on the joints but still engages key muscle groups. And when you enhance your cycling endurance and efficiency, you might even find yourself biking to the store or work instead of driving (which is better for the environment too!).

#4. Athletic Charity Event – gear up for a host of springtime 5Ks, biking events, walkathons, color runs, you name it! Athletic charity events offer dual benefits to you; you get a workout by simply participating and you get to support a cause or charity you care about. Follow your favorite nonprofits on social media to keep an eye out for news and updates about upcoming athletic charity events, or search by your city name on Active.com.

#5. Water Sports – Move out of the pool and head into the ocean, lakes, and rivers near you for water sports like kayaking, surfing, paddleboarding, and outdoor swimming. Not only are water sports a blast to do, especially with friends, but they offer unique workouts for all your muscle groups and are typically less stressful on the joints.

#6. Volunteer – Did you know National Volunteer Weekfalls smack dab in the middle of April? Take advantage of this special time to find a service opportunity in your area. Volunteering might not seem like a true fitness activity, but ask anyone who helps to build a house or sort and stack heavy boxes in a food bank how they feel after a few hours of helping out! You would be surprised what types of physical volunteer activities are out there; and even those that aren’t sweat-breakers still do your body good by helping to improve your mood, lower blood pressure, and relieve stress.

#7. Trapeze – spring into adventure with a fun, high-flying activity like trapeze! For runners, cyclists, and dancers, trapeze is a great way to tone upper body muscles including your biceps, triceps, deltoids, and forearm muscles. Plus, it’s a major adrenaline rush. Look for trapeze classes and other circus-inspired experiences offered in your area with a simple google search online.

#8. Aerial Yoga – are you stuck in a yoga rut? Aerial yoga, or antigravity yoga, will literally turn your life upside down. This newer style of yoga out of New York actually combines yoga andpilates poses and moves, all performed in a special type of silk hammock that hangs from the ceiling. Practitioners say that the free-hanging nature of the body with this style of yoga helps to decompress the spine and boost blood circulation and lymph flow.

#9. Throw Frisbee – been wanting to try ultimate frisbee or disc golf but haven’t gotten around to it? Spring is the perfect time to give these fun sports a whirl. Frisbee throwing, as well as walking and running, are involved with these activities, though disc golf is a bit more leisurely and ultimate frisbee more akin to high impact interval training. Look for disc golf courses near you or find ultimate frisbee groups to join on Meetup.com.

#10. Gardening – any gym aficionado knows that a workout is only as good as the nutrition that complements it. Get your hands dirty this spring by planting a garden full of fresh veggies and greens that you can eat later in the summer. Easy springtime crops include starter tomatoes, peas, carrots, lettuce, swiss chard, beans, and radishes. Gardening activities like hoeing, digging and squatting to plant seeds all work your muscles and dexterity, while the time spent in nature can be beneficial to your mind and spirit.

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