3 Keys For a Better Physique

3 Keys For a Better PhysiqueThree Keys for a Better Physique

Whether you’re a beginner or an avid exerciser, chances are you’re looking to make some improvements to your physique.  Through optimal nutrition, effective training, and consistency you’ll be able to attain that better physique.

1. Optimal Nutrition

Your nutritional habits need to support your goals if you’re looking to improve your physique.  Not only should you be striving to eat quality foods, but you should be adhering to caloric and macronutrient guidelines that support your goals as well. Eating too little or too many calories can be counter-productive depending on your goals.  Therefore, optimal nutritional habits based upon your goals, is key to building a better physique.

2. Effective Training Program

Just like having optimal nutritional habits to support your goals, you need an effective training program that supports your goals.  For instance, if you’re looking to add muscular size and strength, be sure that your weight training program has enough volume and intensity to do so.  Also, be aware of things that may be counter-productive to your goals such as excessive cardio.  Be sure that your training program fits your physique goals because having the right type of training program is imperative when striving to build a better physique.

3. Consistent Implementation

Too often, people switch from training program to training program or diet to diet without actually giving that training program or diet a chance to work.  You’ll need to be consistent with the right training program and diet over a long period of time such as 12 weeks to actually be able to assess a program’s effectiveness.  Being consistent over a period of time with the right diet and the right training program will result in the desired physique changes.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to achieve a better physique, chances are just any old workout routine or diet program won’t cut it.  By finding the right nutritional plan, training program, and applying it consistently you’ll attain your goal physique.

Author Profile: Julian Brown, BS, ACE-CPT, NASM-FNS

JulianBrownTraining.com      Julian is the co-owner of The Yard Fitness, an established fitness writer, a professional natural bodybuilder, a fitness & sport nutrition specialist, and a certified personal trainer. He began strength training at the young age of fourteen to improve his sports performance and hasn’t looked back since. Julian is a graduate of Grambling State University, ACE & NASM certified, and he has over a decade of personal experience in strength training.

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