4 Myths About Eyelash Growth

Our eyelashes aren’t just for emphasizing our good looks. Besides framing our eyes and drawing attention to the proverbial windows to the soul, our tiny eyelid hairs safeguard the eyes from dust and debris and provide an alarm system of sorts in the event a foreign body gets too close to the eyes.

When it comes to looks, though, many of us are never really pleased with the lashes we were born with and who can really blame us. Long, thick, and feathery eyelashes have long since been a beauty standard that most women desire.

While we can always of course use mascara or extensions to create a very convincing effect, sometimes a girl just wants to own it and grow her own. Unfortunately, however, a lot of information online is not researched from reputable sources, the advice is confusing or it conflicts with other sources altogether.

Here are a few eyelash myths that will help you determine what the best solution is to improve your eyelashes.

#1. Natural oils make your eyelashes grow

We’ve all heard about how natural oils like coconut or the more popular castor oil can grow hair. Although these popular naturopathic oils are reputed to grow eyelashes, there is zero evidence to back up their claim to fame.

Coconut oil boasts some great traits when applied topically like antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and wound healing, and it’s packed with antioxidants. It can also help prevent hair damage. It’s a great moisturizer for skin and hair alike and a natural makeup remover, but for those of you with acne prone skin, proceed with caution since it may clog your pores.

Castor oil is unlikely to clog pores, but studies have shown it can be irritating to the eyes. In one study, 9 subjects had discomfort with epithelial changes to the eye and another that involved giving 100 subjects castor oil eye drops caused epithelial cells on the outer layer of the eyeball to die with an associated continuity break in that layer.

You can also use bimatoprost serum which is a one type of oil that known as generic latisse.

The takeaway here is that there is no conclusive scientific evidence that these oils can induce hair growth of any kind.

#2. Petroleum jelly can make your eyelashes longer

Petroleum jelly is a byproduct of crude oil, that thing we get petrol from. Initially it was marketed as having healing properties, because apparently a century ago the term “healing properties” was used loosely.

However, it does have the ability to help the skin prevent moisture loss. Though, its molecule is too large to penetrate the skin so it basically sits on the surface. There has never been any scientific evidence that proves that petroleum jelly can to stimulate hair growth in any area of the body.

In conclusion, petroleum jelly only creates the illusion of thicker and shinier eyelashes because it coats them. That’s what mascara is for!!!

#3. Trimming your eyelashes makes them grow

No! It does not! All the hair on our body has a pre-programmed cycle it goes through.

These phases are:

  1. Anagen – Starting from the hair follicle, the strand’s shaft increases in length actively.
  2. Catagen – This is the transition phase when the follicle shrinks and growth stops. There is fast tissue degeneration and itlasts 2-3 weeks and if the strand sheds during this time the follicle will still follows the natural course.
  3. Telogen – This is the resting phase which lasts about 100 days and the strands will be transformed to club hairs, so called because of their new club shape at the root ends. During this time the hair will be prepared for shedding.
  4. Neogen – After shedding the cycle begins again.

The takeaway here is stop snipping off your lashes! You are just shortening them until they are shed and to top it off there is no evidence that even hints that trimming causes growth.

#4. Combing your lashes stimulates growth

Combing, curling and separating your lashes gives you a refined look. But your efforts could wind up counter-productive if you are too diligent. You may cause the strands to be prematurely shed and you will have to wait for weeks or months depending on stage the strand was in.

So instead, try not to rub your eyes, never sleep with mascara and when cleaning your makeup, be gentle with your lashes.

Do you still want longer thicker eyelashes?

Definitely invest in good quality mascara. If you hair color is light, I suggest you opt for a darker mascara or eyelash tinting. Those ofyou with light eyelashes may seem like you have a sparse lash line until some color shows off your actual length.

You can try eyelash extensions; these can last a couple weeks but require professional installation. Wearing eye makeup is fine but skip the mascara as it can crust and damage your strands. I also suggest you avoid makeup removers with oil.

Please do not try to yank the extensions out that can damage to your lash line. Instead, have it professionally removed or allow them to naturally fall out.

Feel free to use false eyelashes like celebrities and makeup influencers use. These come in different shades, textures, and length so there are plenty of options for you. Because these are easy to use, come in lots of shades, lengths and textures, you can even choose a different one depending on the occasion!

Lastly, you might want to try an eyelash serum that can help you get longer, thicker and darker lashes. Serums from Careprost at https://www.careprost.co are a great option. Careprost products are a generic latisse and they also contain Bimatoprost, which can help increase the size of the eyelashes.

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