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Dental Implants May Be For You

While you hate the fact that you have to say goodbye to the last of your natural teeth, there is one bit of good news. After an examination, the dental professional has determined you are an ideal candidate for dental implants. Along with going over the different approaches to installing the implants, it helps to think about how life will be once they are in place. Here are four of the perks you will enjoy once the work is completed.

4 Wonderful Things You Will Enjoy Once Those Dental Implants are in Place

#1. You Like What You See in the Mirror

Think about what you used to see every morning when you looked in the bathroom mirror. When your natural teeth were in such poor condition, that reflection was not all that appealing. Even after washing your face and combing your hair, opening you mouth was anything but a pleasant way to start the day.

Now you don’t mind the bed-head hair so much. That’s because when you open your mouth, all you see is a set of perfectly shaped and properly sized teeth. While it still takes a little while to get the rest of your face ready for the day, having a set of implants that look great will do wonders for increasing confidence in how you look.

#2. You Can Eat What You Like at Dinner Parties

Have you ever been at a dinner party or out for a meal and had someone excuse themselves so they could apply more adhesive and slip their denture plates back in position? Worse yet, have you been out with someone who took a bite of something only to have a plate slip out completely? That’s not something that you want to have happen once your natural teeth are history.

As Barrie dentists will explain, dental implants don’t go anywhere. They are fixed in position without the aid of adhesives. When you go out to eat, you can relax and enjoy just about any food you want. There are no worries about slippage and certainly not a chance for the implants to fall out.

#3. You Never Have to Take Out Your Teeth

With dentures, there’s the nightly ritual of having to take them out to soak in a solution overnight. They also have to be scrubbed with care the following morning. Don’t forget that they need to be handled carefully. The last thing one wants to do is allow a plate to fall off the edge of the sink and crack into two or more pieces upon reaching the tile floor.

Since your implants are fixed in place, you don’t remove them. You still brush them before you go to bed and can brush the implants again after having breakfast. Knowing you never have to take out your teeth or use some special soaking solution to clean them is certainly an appealing feature.

#4. You Are Not Likely to Need Replacements

Dentures are fine for a few years, but they usually need to be replaced at some point. That’s because of the changes in the shape of your bone structure. Without something embedded in the gums to help them retain their shape, it’s just a matter of time before the bone shifts and the gums shrink.

Many people are amazed to find out how long dental implants last on average. While there is some possibility that you could crack a cap and need it replaced, it’s not unusual for the implants to last for the rest of the patient’s life. Compare that to having to replace dentures several times during that same period.

The Bottom Line

If you are still mulling over the benefits of implants versus being fitted for dentures, sit down with a dental professional and make a list of the pros and cons associated with each choice. You’ll find that in your case, implants are definitely the way to go.

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