5 Attributes That Attract NBA Talent Scouts

So You Want to Be a Basketball Player!

Many kids dream of a career in professional sports. Some of them will have the chance to try out when a talent scout visits their areas. Capturing the attention of a scout is not something that comes easy. Without possessing certain qualities, there is very little chance of being noticed. Here are five attributes that will increase the odds of having the chance to try out for a National Basketball Association team.

5 Attributes That Attract NBA Talent Scouts

#1. Height

Even people who know little about basketball understand that height makes a difference in performance. You will find all sorts of lists online that seek to answer the question of who is the tallest nba player? to grace the court.  There is more than one right answer.

If the question is about current players, then Kristaps Porziņģis of the New York Knicks and Boban Marjanović of the Detroit Pistons fill the bill. At 7‘3“, they are the the tallest players of the 2017-2018 season. Those who are looking for answers about the tallest NBA player ever should know the honor goes to Gheorghe Mureșan. Active with the Washington Bullets from 1993-1997 and the New Jersey Jets from 1998-2000, Muresan stood 7‘7“.

#2. Speed

Next to height, speed is another factor that scouts will consider closely. Basketball requires the ability to move quickly and with a high level of agility. Unless you are able to move freely around the court without slowing down, the odds of having a shot at a career are limited.

A power sled pull workout will be a terrific addition to your strength and conditioning program if you are looking to improve not only your speed but your agility and strength. Since every repetition involves whole body coordination and an explosive contraction, power sled exercises can be very similar to the motions required in sports, especially basketball. A strength and conditioning program needs sports-specific exercises and the power sled can be used in many ways to mimic the activities of basketball.

#3. Endurance

Basketball is a physically demanding game. While all professional athletes must be able to hold up well to a lot of activity, basketball players tend to remain in motion for longer period of time. The ability to keep moving with confidence and precision for longer periods is a must. Those who may have the speed and height but not the endurance won’t make the cut.

Improving your endurance will not only make you a better basketball player, it will make you a far healthier one by enhancing your VO2Max, improving your lactic acid threshold, and improving recovery.

VO2Max is a measure of how much oxygen can be utilized by your body. The higher your VO2Max, the more efficient your heart and lungs will be working. Lactic threshold refers to the fastest pace you can maintain before the exercise by-product lactic acid causes muscle fatigue. The higher your lactic acid threshold, the harder and longer you’ll be able to work on the court. Improving endurance will allow you to recover more efficiently during game play.

#4. Basketball IQ

It’s not enough to have physical attributes that allow you to play well. It’s also a question of how well you grasp the essentials of the game and the strategies that go along with it. All professional athletes understand that it’s possible to miscalculate and make a mistake. What happens when a mistake occurs is an indication of the player’s basketball IQ. The ability to recognize what has happened, remain calm, and come up with a way to minimize the mistake is crucial. Figuring out how to prevent the same mistake from happening again is also a sign of how well the player really knows the game.

#5. Sportsmanship

It’s possible to rival the height of the tallest nba player, possess the speed and endurance needed to play, understand the game, and still not be right for the team. The factor that could be your downfall is sportsmanship. If you cannot work with the other team members and present a unified front against the opposing team, you are likely to be passed over for someone who can.

The Bottom Line

If you think a career in professional basketball is for you, now is the time to evaluate what you have to offer. Identify areas where you can improve and get to work. Working on the five attributes we’ve taken a look at here are a great way to stand out from the competition. While some things like height will be obviously be outside your control, focusing on the other attributes here will be your strength, and hopefully by the time the next scout arrives in town, you will be ready for your big break.

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