5 Top Reasons For Baldness and How To Prevent It

To come up with a sound solution to stop baldness or prevent it, you first need to understand what causes loss of hair.

You can identify hair loss by studying your scalp over time to see if there are patches developing.

Once you discover you are losing hair, you can immediately look for a treatment that is effective.

5 Top Reasons For Baldness and Solutions You Should Consider

To get started, here are 5 top reasons that cause baldness and the solutions you should consider.

#1. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

This is a by-product of testosterone that is common in men. It is what causes male pattern baldness, also called androgenic alopecia. It was given this name because it is as a result of loss of the androgen hormones, so if your hairline is receding this is the likely cause of hair loss.

#2. Stress

Many people who are often exposed to stressing situations will lose hair to a certain extent. The way you deal with stress will impact if it will affect loss of hair, so if you are someone who is calm and relaxed yet you are losing hair then the cause is likely something else. Stress frustrates the growth of hair by sapping essential nutrients that are necessary for the growth of hair. The hair suffers due to the fact resources are channeled to other more vital areas of the body.

#3. Liver Problems

Hair loss could also indicate your liver is performing poorly. This is linked to the sebum levels on the skin. This is oil that comes through skin pores that could have a negative effect on hair because it contains DHT that could clog your scalp and prevent growth. The liver is responsible for processing fats and hormones and other things. If it has low supply of coenzyme, this could increase sebum levels.

#4. Poor Diet

Dietary problems could also pose a health threat that will cause hair loss. A balanced diet offers essential minerals and vitamins that support the growth of hair, so lack of these nutrients could lead to hair loss and eventually baldness.

#5. Poor Blood Circulation

In order to grow, the hair on the head needs nutrients and oxygen. This can be carried through the blood, so if you are suffering from blood circulation problems then you are likely going to lose your hair. That is why people lose hair as they age because circulation of blood reduces.

Other Common Causes of Hair Loss

  • Genetics
  • Excess vitamin A
  • Use of blood thinners
  • Severe chronic illness

How to Prevent Baldness

With the causes of baldness highlighted above, you should also understand how to prevent this from occurring. Here are Some ideas that could help you.

Regular Exercise

Working out regularly will help to boost metabolism and also ensure you have a good flow of blood. This will ensure your hair gets all the nutrients it needs to grow well.

A Proper Balanced Diet

Improve your diet to include more fruits, proteins, and vegetables. These offer important nutrients that are essential for the growth of hair.

Overcome Stress

Stress is a big hindrance to keeping hair, so you need to find ways to overcome it. See a therapist and also consider exercises like yoga that touch your mind to relieve stress. Avoid tasks that lead you to stressful situations.

Consider Medication

Consider the medication solutions available that could help you to deal with hair loss. Visit a doctor for examination and treatment. You could also use dht blocker shampoo to ensure your hair grows stronger and healthier.

The Bottom Line

Going bald is nothing to smile about and many people are battling this problem. There are many things that could cause baldness ranging from health reasons to stress. Immediately you discover changes in your scalp, you should seek the assistance of your medical doctor and also come up with a way to improve your lifestyle to become healthier and less stressed.

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