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Ready Fire Aim – Achieve Fitness Success!

John Mulry from Expect Success Fitness Galway – Ireland here with some more fitness ramblings (and inspiration) that will hopefully help you along to achieve fitness success.  Last time out I spoke about been committed to your fitness goals and not just “half assing” it. That combined with action are key for when you want to see consistent results.

Today I’m linking on from that in so far as I want to talk to you about the specific action that you should be taking – well more so in that the action you take doesn’t necessarily need to be specific – just start by doing something.


One of the biggest stumbling blocks people make when setting out on their fitness journey is waiting for everything to be perfect, for the stars to align and bam that’s when they’ll start. Has this happened to you? You decide you’ll do something to change your life, you’ll start working out on a new program or you’ll clean up your diet or you’ll hire a fitness trainer – then you think:

“I’ll start tomorrow, or I’ll start Monday – I’ll just get everything organized then I‘ll start.”

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This problem is the biggest around holidays (especially new years) but always seems to present itself on weekends – we get an idea to completely change our lives for the better then that little guy sitting on our shoulder whispers in our ear – wait until tomorrow or just finish off the last of the chips, cookies and chocolate and start Monday.

You said tomorrow – yesterday

What tends to happen is we get caught up in all these finer details that you start creating more and more obstacles standing in your way right? This is a form of procrastination at best but at worst it comes down to fear.

We fear starting something new because you don’t know how things will turn out so you try to get everything in order so you’ll know you’ll get off to the best start possible. Problem is this is what holds us back rather than pushing us forward.

Let me illustrate…

I used to try and get all my ducks in a row before starting anything – I’d make sure that every minor detail was in place (I believed it was down to my great attention to detail – boy was I wrong!!) before beginning anything but when I actually began to look at the things I SAID I’d start and compared to what I’d ACTUALLY start when I noticed the gulf in difference.

Where was I going wrong I thought? I had the best of intentions but just couldn’t seem to get going – after consulting with one of my earlier mentors I realized the problem – I was striving for perfection when it doesn’t exist.

Instead what I should of focused on and what I’d like you to focus on is taking some action – specifically imperfect action – towards your goal – don’t wait for the stars to align – just do something – action breeds results – thinking about action doesn’t.

The analogy I like to use is from the book of the same name by Michael Masterson:

Ready Fire Aim

“Ready Fire Aim”

Don’t wait for everything to be perfect – take imperfect action and course correct along the way – back when I was launching my first fitness website – the design was shoddy and was far from perfect but I launched it anyways so I could start spreading my message and sharing my fitness ideas – today my website is where it is because of that imperfect action – it’s still not perfect but it’s not supposed to be – as long as I constantly strive to improve upon it then that’s all that matters.

I want you to do the same with your health and fitness goals – start doing something today – anything that will take you closer to your goal. Then do another thing the next day – keep course correcting and taking consistent imperfect action and you’ll be on the road to success. It really is that simple – anyone who says different is usually trying to sell you some tripe or puffed up product.

As I mentioned action breeds success – but not only that but action breeds action – when you do something you get a result – you mightn’t always get the result you want but you get something – and as they say something is better than nothing.

I may have gone off in a bit of a tangent here but hey I do that sometimes – don’t let the main point escape you though because no matter where you are now – if you’ve never lifted a weight or worked out in your life – thinking about lifting the weight will only get geared up and ready – actually getting out there and lifting it is whats going to get you the results.

So get out there – start off small – take imperfect action right now towards whatever it is you want to achieve and rinse and repeat and you’ll find your goals are only are few steps away…

Author Profile: John Mulry

Author's Website John Mulry is a Fitness Trainer, Writer, Speaker and the owner of Expect Success Fitness Galway Personal Training. Originally from Galway, John has combined his two passions in life – helping others and fitness to start Expect Success Fitness. Upon returning home from 11 months of Volunteering and travelling in South America, Expect Success Fitness was born. Having seen first hand the negative effects of not taking care of oneself has driven John to not only change his own lifestyle for the better but also he has it made it his mission to tackle Ireland’s growing obesity problem head on. With a core philosophy built around “Success Oriented Training” & his three pillars of success – training, nutrition and mindset – you won’t just dream about success – you’ll expect it. John Mulry Expect Success Fitness [email protected]

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