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Born and raised in southern California, I have always had a strong passion for fitness. I first understood the concept and importance of fitness training at the age of 18 when as a new wife and mother I found I needed strength, energy, and health more than ever. I lead by example; everything I teach, advise, and suggest, I practice. I am very comfortable and knowledgeable of all fitness levels and I continuously study and take ongoing education courses to keep myself up to date on all current and cutting-edge research in fitness, health, and diet. This is not just a job to me, it is my passion and something I so strongly believe in. I am committed to helping others maximize their level of fitness and I will go to just about any length to see my clients achieve these goals. I truly find joy in helping a person obtain a better quality of life, watching a person become more confident by gaining physical strength, and overcoming a lack of energy.

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