Best Abs Machine?

Have you Burned Your Money on What was Advertised as the Best Abs Machine?

Another Gimmick Abs Machine

More than likely you have. The best ab machine was advertised and you bought it. How did it eventually turn out? What eventually became of that ab machine that you bought? More than likely it either is packed away in some nook in your closet or garage or no longer exists in your house anymore.

Now you are looking for the next best abs machine on the internet. This is the primary reason why abs machines make up a large part of the commercial fitness industry. Every year a new product is released with a huge publicity campaign.

The abs machines usually sell large numbers of products. When they are found largely ineffective they die off, only to make way for a new crop of abs machines the next year. This is a primary reason why abdominal related products are often the worst fitness gimmicks.

Why are Abs Machines so Popular?

For most people, to get great looking abs is the most difficult fitness goal to accomplish. This is because it takes a lot of time, cardio training, dieting and discipline to see fat loss results in your mid section.

When you start an exercise program, results can not come soon enough. The toning of the abdominal region is usually takes the longest time for you to notice a change. A good number of people get frustrated that results are not showing in their abdominal region when they first start.

They assume that their current regimen must not be working, so they look for the “obvious” solution. The fact is they simply don’t know the basic scientific facts about human anatomy and exercise science. Spot reduction, or losing body fat around an area (i.e. abdominals) from doing an exercise (i.e. ab machine exercise) is going to reduce body fat, is completely false fitness myth.

When You Turn on the TV and See Commercials for Abs Machines What do you See?

The marketers know the exact situation that you are in. They know you want quick results and they know that you have been trying to improve your abdominals to no avail.

This is Why Every Advertisement you see Will Make these 2 Claims

1. Their ab machine is the best abs machine and is far superior to crunches on the ground or any other abs exercises.

2. Their ab machine is the best abs machine which will get you the fastest results.

The Abs Machines Advertised on TV slim one thing, and it’s Not your Abs

The advertising companies aim to slim your wallet. If you are not skinny and are trying to tone your mid section The scientific method of slimming your mid section or getting six pack abdominals is no secret.

The best method for achieving fabulous abs uses a caloric deficit best accomplished by a healthy diet, a balanced exercise program, healthy dietary supplements and when your body fat percentage is low enough, the best ab exercises.

If You are Still Looking for the Best Abs Machine the Solution is Very Simple

To exercise your abdominals you do not need the best ab machine. This is not to say that ab machines are completely worthless or bad. Ab machines are just unnecessary and most likely a waste of money.

Abs machines will allow you to work your abdominals no better than using floor abdominal exercises. To exercise your abdominals means contracting the muscles. This does not mean you can have an electrical stimulation belt.

Best Abs Machine Frequently Asked Questions


If I don’t have body fat and a flat stomach but I want six pack abs, will the best abs machine you see on TV help?

The hard stance taken on this article is due primarily to the fact that most consumers of abs machines you see on TV are looking for a quick fix, miracle solution that will “melt fat” off their mid-section in no time. If you truly have a low body fat percentage and want to get the ripped six-pack that everyone talks about, doing floor abdominal exercises or stability ball core and ab exercises are more than enough to help you achieve your goals. If you really want to spend the money on the best abs machine you see on TV and use them properly they can be of help but again, there are likely better options for less money.

You will find exercise balls cheaper and far more effective than most abs machines and abs exercises on the floor.

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