Best Exercise Music

What are the Benefits of the Best Exercise Music ?

best workout musicWorkout or exercise music has been around ever since gyms were first created.

Which music was playing in the first weight training gyms in the mid 1900s is anybody’s guess.

If the right music for you is playing, it has been shown to increase the effectiveness of your workout.

Whether there is a scientific study or not, try to workout with the terrible music playing at your local gym and your workout intensity is likely to suffer.

When you Exercise What is Your Style ?

The type of music which helps you work out faster, harder, stronger, longer, will most likely boil down to your tastes. likes music that gets your heart rate going even if you’re not exercising. Music that you can sit there and study to won’t do the trick. If you want to work out intensely, you have to listen to intense music.

Best Workout Music : Alternative

Disturbedbest workout music korn

  • Down with the Sickness
  • Prayer
  • Liberate
  • Droppin’ Plates
  • Deify


  • Twist
  • Blind
  • Freak on a Leashbest exercise music system of a down
  • Ball Tongue
  • Right Now

System of a Down





Best Workout Music : Electronica

best exercise music prodigyThe Prodigy

  • Smack my Bitch Up
  • Breathe
  • Firestarter
  • Girls
  • Invaders Must Die

Best Workout Music : Hip Hop

L.L. Cool J

  • Momma Said Knock You Out
  • Bells
  • Radio

Dizee Rascal

  • Fix Up Look Sharp

Rakim (Eric B & Rakim)

  • Juice
  • Microphone Fiend

666 Mafia

Hit a Motha******

Best Workout Music : 80s

best workout songs michael jacksonMichael Jackson

  • Bad
  • Beat It
  • Smooth Criminal

Faith No More

  • Epic
  • Falling to Pieces

User Submitted Playlists

Think you Have the Best Exercise Music Playlist ?

Submit your favorite playlist and see if you can get others motivated with your virtual DJ skills. Submit Your Favorite Playlist


  1. Bleed Black – AFI
  2. Silver & Cold – AFI
  3. Paper Airplanes – AFI
  4. Panic Attack – Atmosphere
  5. Trying To Find A Balance – Atmosphere
  6. The Keys To Life VS. 15 Minutes Of Fame – Atmosphere
  7. Lift The Veil, Kiss The Tank – The Blood Brothers
  8. Under Pressure – The Blood Brothers
  9. Lazer Life – The Blood Brothers
  10. Taking Cassandra To the End OF The World Party – Fear Before The March Of Flames
  11. The Seduction – He Is Legend
  12. Renegades Of Funk – Rage Against The Machine
  13. Know Your Enemy – Rage Against The Machine
  14. Ravage Ritual – Zao

More Best Workout Music ?

  • Benefits of Listening to Music While Exercising
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    You know some of the best exercise music which is not on the list? Email it in and it will be added. There will soon be a form where you can submit what you think is the best workout music for hardcore exercise.
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  • Best Cardio Workout
    You got your mp3 player all set up with the best exercise music and now you need to use the motivation to get through a tough workout. You are ready to build some serious muscle. Look at the anatomy chart, click on the body part and you will find the corresponding resistance training exercises.

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