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Why you NEED to Take the Best Natural Vitamin SupplementBest natural vitamin supplement

Everybody can Benefit from the Best Natural Vitamin Supplement

Multiple vitamins are most important for active individuals but even sedentary people can benefit from taking a good multiple vitamin.

In order to get the nutrients supplied by one good multivitamin you would probably have to spend hours a day in the produce section of your local grocery store.

In an hour a day it would probably be possible to find the right combination of fruits and vegetables needed to satisfy your daily required nutrients.

Wouldn’t it be easier to swallow a tablet once or twice a day? This is why multivitamins have become one of the only supplements ever to be recommended by the FDA.

Natural vitamins have Ingredients Derived from Food Based Ingredients

Why Should You take the Best Natural Vitamin Supplement?multiple vitamins minerals

For years people have said that you can get all the vitamins and minerals you need from a healthy balanced diet.

To this date there have been a few studies which disproved the previous statement.

The landmark study was published in the 2002 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

The study proposed that most Americans do not get optimal amounts of key nutrients through diet alone.

It recommended daily multivitamins to provide the key nutrients in which the diet lacked.

Multiple Vitamins are Widely Available and Affordable so why risk a Nutrition Efficiency?

This is especially true for active individuals. In order to achieve peak performance and have our bodies perform at high levels, all the required vitamins and minerals need to be there. It will be more likely for all the body’s cellular reactions to take place efficiently.

If your Body Performs Well at the Cellular Level, Your Body will Function Better as a Whole

As with fitness training and proper nutrition there is nothing glamorous about best natural vitamin supplement. After you take it you won’t be able to leap tall buildings with a single bound.

You can be assured that your quest for a healthier, stronger, leaner, faster, better looking body will go smoothly because you will have all the tools needed. The tools include the right micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) to go along with the right macronutrients (diet: carbs, protein, fats) and also water.

Vitamins Break Down
How does the Best Natural Vitamin Supplement Work?

After you intake a multivitamin the tablet or capsule is broken down by your digestive system. Each vitamin and mineral has its own properties and is absorbed in the blood stream at different points during the digestion process.

The best natural vitamin supplements allow most of the nutrients they supply to make it to the blood stream. If you get inferior multivitamin products the money you spend could be literally flushed down the toilet.

Good multivitamin supplements will have some form of time release. Time release is achieved when each individual nutrient is within the multivitamin is wrapped with a substance which will only break down at the correct points of the digestive tract.

This helps make sure your body’s digestive system will not destroy or change the composition of the vitamins and minerals if they had been released at the wrong point of the digestion process.

When Should You take the Best Natural Vitamin Supplement?

The Best Time to Take Your Multivitamins is With MealsTake with your Largest Meal of the Day

If you take a one a day multivitamin you should take it with your largest meal of the day. This will allow your body to slowly intake the vitamins and minerals over time.

If you take your one a day multivitamin on an empty stomach your body will most likely not be able use a majority of the vitamins and minerals.

Then you will most likely notice a bright yellow surprise during your next trip to the restroom.

The Very Best Option is to Take a Multiple Times Per Day Multivitamin with Each MealGet a Pill Organizer

The best natural vitamin supplement is split into a few doses which are best if taken with your 4-6 small meals or snacks during the day.

This will allow optimal absorption as well as aid in digestion. If getting a supplement organizer helps it may be worth the small investment.

If you are disciplined and really want to get the most out of your multivitamin you should try this option.

How many Multi Vitamins do You Need to Take?

There are many daily multiple vitamin formulas. Some formulas require you to take up to 6 vitamins a day to satisfy your daily requirements.Vitamins

The most popular multivitamins are the ones which are taken once a day. If you are forgetful and find it difficult to take pills multiple times per day, one a day multiple vitamins are a good idea.

The disadvantage of one a day multivitamins is it is more difficult for your body to utilize all the nutrients when you get a large quantity at a single time.

Your body may not be able to process and use everything and you will excrete some of the vitamins. This really depends on the quality of your vitamins.

Multivitamins which are taken multiple times a day are superior for active people. Your body will get more chances to assimilate the nutrients as you get smaller quantities of vitamins and minerals throughout the day.

Do Vitamin Supplements have any Side Effects?

It is important to know the ingredients of your multivitamin. Some multivitamins put extra ingredients in their pills. The reasons for this could be to addict people to their vitamins.

Another reason is so you “feel something” from your multiple vitamin. Some companies have even added the addicting guarana which is the herbal form of caffeine in their multiple vitamins.

The Best Natural Vitamin Supplement has Very Very Mild Side Effects

The only likely side effects of proper use of multivitamins is the coloration of your urine as it may be bright yellow due to the excreted B vitamins.

It is very important to know if your multiple vitamin has iron. An over consumption of iron could potentially be deadly for young children so keep your iron containing multiple vitamins away from your kids.

What are the Best Natural Multi Vitamins?

The best multivitamins are brand dependant. Tablets are usually superior to capsules because they tend to have better time release properties. Just because you pay more does not necessarily mean the product is good. Now multivitamins are very good multivitamins and are very cheap.

Top 3 Multi-Vitamin Options

best vitamin supplementThe best natural vitamin supplement is a multivitamin from a reputable supplement company which has been around for years. Twinlab is one of the largest suppliers of multivitamins in the world and has the highest quality pharmaceutical grade standards of any supplement company.

Now supplements are some of the best natural supplements on the market and their multivitamins have been rated towards the top for years. I’ve been fairly partial to NOW for awhile but Twinlab also offers some quality supplements. Did a quick search and found that the following three items are still generally well received.

  • NOW iron Free EcoGreen Multi, 180 Vcaps
  • Twinlab Daily One Caps, 180 Capsules
  • Now Vit-Min 75+, 180 Tablets

Where is the best place to buy NOW brand multivitamins? Depends… I personally get 90% of my supplements on Amazon (my supply replenished via their auto delivery) but from time to time buy some hard to find stuff on or

Where can you Buy the Best Natural Vitamin Supplements? Supplement Deals
Find great deals on the Best Natural Vitamin Supplement and all other supplements at They have a huge inventory of dietary supplements for all your goals, at various prices and with cheap, fast shipping.

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