Bored of Your Usual Workout? Try Ice Skating!

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Bored of Your Usual Workout?

For the hardcore workout junkie, lifting weights and putting the body through its paces brings a great deal of satisfaction. However, there are some days when you want something totally different to break up the monotony.

Ice skating is an interesting option because it has a surprising number of health benefits, which aren’t immediately obvious to someone who’s never tried it before.

Let’s look at the cardio and body functioning benefits of ice skating. You’ll be surprised.

Top 5 Cardio and Body Functioning Benefits of Ice Skating

#1. Improving Your Balance

Whether lifting weights or performing stretches before a big workout session, having good balance is important to avoid serious injury. Losing your balance can cause an overstretching of ligaments, which may lead to damage that could set back your body improvement efforts for months. Balance is more important than we give it credit for.

With ice skating, balance is everything. Without balance, you end up on our backside repeatedly until you improve. Whether you’re suitably kitted out with a dependable pair of Riedell figure skates or you’ve rented the cheap blue ice skating booties from the ice rink, learning to improve your balance has many benefits outside of the ice skating rink.

#2. Less Impact Than Regular Cardio

Running is said to be one of the best ways to get in shape and trim off excess fat. The problem is the amount of impact damage it does to the knees and ankle joints. These take a real beating over time, with runners in their 50s hobbling around in need of knee replacement surgery because 25 years of jogging has ruined the cartilage surrounding their knee joints.

Ice skating is as fast as running, but gliding from the left foot tothe right foot haslittle impact. There’s very little bounce when using the proper motion to propel yourself across the ice successfully.

#3. Calorie Burn is No Slacker Either

Okay, so you’re probably thinking that ice skating doesn’t burn many calories, so as a cardio workout, it’s not good at all? If you thought that, you’d be dead wrong. Most ice skaters burn off 250-600 calories for every hour on the ice. All the pushing off, balancing on the knees and upper thighs, and actively keeping pace with the people around youisa great fat burner. Surprise!

#4. Gets Your Joints Warmed Up

Anyone with knees that creak when they stand up from bending or rising from the workout bench may get some benefit from ice skating. It’s a unique physical activity that gets your knee joints (and ankle joints) warmed up. Knees often creak due to too little movement, which ice skating is a good remedy for.

Also, if you’re looking for a cardio activity to get your body warmed up ahead of a heavy session in the gym, hitting the ice is a great way to do that inexpensively.

#5. It’s Fun!

If you’re tired of your old boring workout routine, ice skating will be a welcoming change up for you from time to time. Getting out on the rink is not only stellar for your cardiovascular health, joints and muscles, it’s a great way to potentially boost your brains feel good chemicals: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. Ice skating is like two workouts in one, one for your body and one for your brain!

Adding some fun and excitement to your routine via ice skating will offer you a great little boost in happiness which will in turn positively impact your overall motivation to exercise. We all know how boring the same workout grind can get. Changing things up is key for the fun factor and for our body which can hit a plateau if the same workout is performed over and over. So go ahead and get out there and find your nearest ice skating rink, give it a try and have fun!!!

The Bottom Line

While ice skating is not spoken about much in the locker room at the local gym, there are many casual skaters who enjoy the benefits of this activity. It’s also fun to try something new and learn to become proficient at because it creates a new sense of achievement. So go ahead and Google local ice skating rinks in your town and add some spice to your workouts! You won’t be disappointed.

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