Brian Pankau Online Fitness Coach and Writer

Brian Pankau Online Fitness Coach and Writer

Brian began his fitness career at the young age of 15 when he enrolled in high school weight lifting classes. He later moved on to becoming a wrestler for a short period of time, which taught him that the body can be pushed to certain limits in order to obtain a goal. After becoming a Marine, Brian realized that his career would be within the fitness industry, and has now been a personal trainer and writer pertaining to health, fitness, and nutrition. He holds certifications as a personal fitness trainer, sports nutritionist, senior fitness trainer, strength and conditioning trainer, and group fitness trainer. He has an AS in Exercise Science. Brian specializes in catering to every persons own unique body and lifestyle, which allows him to assist a person, via online coaching, with achieving all of their fitness goals.

Brian’s Services

  • Online Personal Training

Brian has the ability to offer his services and expertise in the field of fitness to people all around the world via online fitness coaching. He treats every individual as a unique person the way it should be, which is what allows an effective training program to take shape. All Brian requires is a few demographics from a future client i.e. height, weight, previous injuries, etc. This enables him to create an effective monthly exercise and nutrition regimen catering to that individual’s fitness level – regardless if they are beginner or advanced. Contact Brian to hear more about the services he offers.

  • Health and Fitness Writer

Brian is a certified personal trainer that has the ability and knowledge to create effective website content for your health and fitness blogs. He has written numerous articles that have been publicized all across the internet. Some notable websites are,, and He specializes in creating 100% unique, original, and SEO friendly content that is never plagiarized, which puts a website owners mind at ease. Contact Brian today if interested in finding out his rates per writing, or to view more sample publications.

Brian’s Slim Strong Fit Exercise Programs

Brian has combined his knowledge and expertise into his very own eBook, which can be found in PDF form. The Slim Strong Fit Exercise Programs are designed to help any individuals with their fitness needs. Readers will be taken through various step-by-step procedures, which will allow them to soak in all the information at their own pace of learning. In depth discussions are given for specific exercise regimens found within Slim Strong Fit Exercise Programs. Also included are several High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions designed to burn fat and build muscle, which are designed for all genders. Brian is now offering this eBook for free with every first month enrollment into his online fitness program.

Brian’s Fitness Blog and Enrollment Website

Brian can be reached via his contact forms if a person is interested in receiving online fitness training or writing services. However, his fitness blog is also designed to give readers free information on various subjects such as macronutrient consumption, weight loss tips, and even muscle building. All subjects will be touched that comes to his mind, and he will most certainly cover a topic that has been personally requested. Stop by Brian’s website today to see what information he has to offer.


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