Tips for Staying Committed to Your Fitness Goals

Ham & Eggs

ham and eggs

This may be a weird title for an article on a health & fitness website but bear with me because what I’m about to share with you may just be the difference between you achieving your health and fitness goals or being just another person who falls victim to something I like to call “easywayoutitis”. (More on that at a later stage).

So what do ham and eggs got to do with your health and fitness goals? – You might actually be surprised how much those two words can effect how you approach exercise. A mentor of mine described this process to me before and it hit me with one of those “aha” moments – you know the type where you stop in your tracks and think “I get it”?

Okay so let’s dive right in; – I want you to answer two questions with me…

Where do eggs come from? Easy right – chickens

Where does ham come from? Another easy one – pigs. That’s two for two.

Go ahead and picture a plate of ham and eggs in front of you, close your eyes if you have to but I want to you to see the plate in front of you, now the big BIG question is next. What’s the difference between the ham and the eggs?

The chicken was involved whereas the pig was committed.

Let me elaborate for you.

We have two people: Tom & Bob. Now Tom & Bob live quiet similar lives, they work in similar jobs and enjoy the same things – that’s where the similarities end though.

Tom considers himself an avid exerciser, he buy the magazines, reads the articles online – he even has a gym membership – but he rarely uses it, he works a lot and doesn’t have much spare time. Tom seems to fall for the latest “quick fix” he reads time and time again but rarely ever achieves any measurable consistent progress. Tom’s involved.

Bob on the other hand – sees working out as a part of life, he invests in his progress, like Tom – Bob also lives a very busy life but he MAKES time for his health and fitness, he has a gym membership but he actually uses it. Bob has a personal trainer who pushes him to succeed and consistently achieves his goals. Bob is clearly committed.

Hopefully you’re getting the point I’m making here. When you commit to something 100% – you’ll only go forward, Will Smith (heard of him?) one of the most successful men in the world lives by his saying “There’s no need for plan B when you got plan A.” Mr. Smith is most definitely committed. Why do you think he’s so successful?

Listen – we’ve all got 24 hours in the day, we’re all busy – but when you’re committed to something, actually committed to it, it won’t even come down to having to make time – you’ll just do it regardless. Is it easy? No not always – is it worth it? Well is being the best you can be worth it? Now I’m not saying this while standing all high and mighty up on some soapbox – far from it – I too struggle sometimes to commit to things but I know the things I have committed to – the things I’ve really committed too – as hard as they might get I push on because I can see the end result – how I’ll feel when I achieve my goals. Being involved is easy, but been committed takes guts – it takes guts to put your ideas out there; it takes guts to go to the gym when you don’t “feel” like it. It takes guts to do your sprints when it’s freezing outside. A moment of discomfort of a lifetime of regret? – Pretty easy decision right?

What I’d like you, no sorry scrap that what I want you to start doing is committing to yourself, not your goals, dreams or desires but committing to yourself that you’ll be the best YOU can be, not for anyone else but yourself, do that and everything else will fall into place. Do that and your writing your own success story. If you start by committing to yourself, then and only then can you commit to your goals.

So – how can you do this? Pretty straightforward actually. Ok stop reading this right now, take out a pen and paper and answer this question. “What do you want?” Answer it, really think about it. Want a six-pack – write it down. Want biceps like mountains – write it down. Heck whatever you want – write it down. Commit to it. Are you still reading this? Seriously – Commit to yourself right now….

Author Profile: John Mulry

Author's Website John Mulry is a Fitness Trainer, Writer, Speaker and the owner of Expect Success Fitness Galway Personal Training. Originally from Galway, John has combined his two passions in life – helping others and fitness to start Expect Success Fitness. Upon returning home from 11 months of Volunteering and travelling in South America, Expect Success Fitness was born. Having seen first hand the negative effects of not taking care of oneself has driven John to not only change his own lifestyle for the better but also he has it made it his mission to tackle Ireland’s growing obesity problem head on. With a core philosophy built around “Success Oriented Training” & his three pillars of success – training, nutrition and mindset – you won’t just dream about success – you’ll expect it. John Mulry Expect Success Fitness [email protected]

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