Does Testosterone Make You Taller?

Ever since he was a kid, Sam wished he had grown taller. At five feet two inches, he was always among the shortest in his class. He has had a healthy diet for much of his life. Sam also keeps up a regular exercise regimen. Despite doing so much right, he never saw the growth he had imagined for himself. As he closes his teenage years, he decides to ask his doctor if something is wrong. After his doctor ordered some blood work, Sam discovered that he suffered from low testosterone levels. His doctor said this may be why he has not experienced much increase in height. Sam wonders, “Does testosterone make you taller?” Therefore, his doctor recommends that Sam undergo hormone therapy and take a testosterone supplement.

After a few weeks of hormone therapy and taking a testosterone supplement, Sam is surprised to observe his muscles growing and other symptoms. To his complete surprise, he also thinks he might be getting taller.

Testosterone Overview

Testosterone is an important hormone for the development and functioning of the human body. Men and women both need testosterone, albeit in different amounts. There are many things that can contribute to low testosterone levels. These include diabetes, substance abuse, poor diet, chemotherapy for cancer, physical injury, mumps, and aging. Often, hormone therapy is used to treat the condition and mitigate its symptoms. Additionally, testosterone supplements are often used to further aid testosterone levels.

Testosterone plays a role in height, as it increases levels of growth hormone. This is especially true in adolescence. However, the more testosterone produced by the body, the sooner someone stops growing. This is due to testosterone’s role in the growth of bone plates, which halts the majority of bone growth. Testosterone, thus, serves a dual purpose in aiding and halting height increase.

Low testosterone can have serious negative impacts on overall health and well-being. It can cause sexual dysfunction, low libido, reduced bone mass, problems during puberty, and possibly increased risk of early death. These facts lead people with low testosterone to seek medical treatment. Testosterone supplements in conjunction with hormone therapy is a common choice.

While there are many benefits of raising testosterone levels, any treatments will be imperfect. Even those receiving treatments may not experience the levels they should have. Additionally, some uses for testosterone therapies need further study in clinical trials. One of these uses is attempting to increase height. Testosterone levels are only one factor in height and can only do so much. Other hormones, including estrogen, and a person’s genetics factor into how tall they will grow.

Does Testosterone Help With Growth?

It is unclear whether testosterone therapies or supplements used after puberty can make people taller. Testosterone supplements after puberty may increase height. While the growth may not be extreme, many people report noticing benefits.

During puberty and into the teenage years, the body’s testosterone levels peak. These levels decrease each year afterward. During adolescence is when bone plates have yet to fully grow. This means that testosterone therapies and supplements are most effective in pubescent years, before bone growth peaks.

Hormone therapy and testosterone supplements work best when combined with other factors. A healthy diet and regular exercise are part of the production of testosterone. The treatment of underlying conditions causing low testosterone is often another. As such, there is no quick fix to low testosterone levels. It is often a variety of choices that contribute to a solution. Height is also regulated in large part by genetics. No amount of testosterone will increase height past what a person’s genes allow. People should keep this in mind when setting out on testosterone therapies. While testosterone plays a role in height, it is not the sole factor.

Testosterone Supplement Patches

If you are considering taking a testosterone supplement, it is important to consider the way you would like to take it. Testosterone supplements in the form of a skin patch are among the best methods of administration because they bypass the liver.

AgeForce supplies a line of testosterone patches designed to help you build muscle and more. If you think that you have a testosterone level issue and may need supplementation, speak to your doctor. They may have some advice on how to take testosterone supplements and what you can expect once you start to react. If you want to find out more about testosterone skin patch supplements, log on to AgeForce to find out more.

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