Endurance Training Can Help Your Sore Muscles

Upper Chest – The Clavicular HeadEndurance Training and Sore Muscles: What You Should Know

Have you ever felt that your entire body is paining and although it’s not such an intense pain that you can’t function, but definitely something for which you might just want to call in a day off and take a long nap?

Chances are that you might be suffering from sore muscles from exercising. Thankfully, it’s a common condition that isn’t  excruciatingly painful, though, it certainly can be quite annoying.

What causes sore muscles?

Imagine your muscle to be a machine. With regular use, overuse misuse or due to some kind of rough handling, machine parts can get worn.

Similarly, our muscles can get worn due to any kind of strain, trauma, wrong position, exhaustion etc. leading to sore and inflamed muscles. Muscle inflammation, also known as myositis, can be caused by various factors such as trauma, injury, infection or several chronic diseases.

However, there are also specific forms of myositis[1] such as polymyositis and dermatomyositis which are caused when the body’s immune system, owing to some sort of internal malfunction refuses to recognise the body’s muscles as an internal system and turns against them, mistaking it for a foreign body, thus damaging the muscle tissues in the process.

Although there is no specific medication for this condition, but endurance training help you with your sore muscles.

What is Endurance Training?

Endurance training is a series of exercises that are aimed to build strength and endurance. It consists of a set of work out plan which aims at the problem areas specifically, thereby offering spot effectiveness of solution.

Endurance training is known to refer to training the aerobic system of the body instead of only the anaerobic system.

It improves skill, and These are specifically designed in order to help people build this body in such a manner that it improves endurance and power.

It improves the MicroRNAs

Research[2] has found “Endurance exercise altered 39 microRNAs. The microRNAs with increased expression were predicted to target transcripts involved in inflammatory processes, metabolism, and muscle atrophy.”

Endurance exercises are particularly helpful in altering the microRNAs which are known to target and lower the immune processes, as well as by helping to decrease the other microRNAs which target and increase mitochondrial content at the protein level.

It is also instrumental in the creation of microRNA affecting the number of immune cells which are known to attack the body’s muscle. Thus, it improves the overall situation of the muscles and helps in the healing of the muscle by the process of increase of aerobic metabolism via mitochondrial biogenesis.

It increases muscle strength

Endurance training is generally aimed at building endurance, speed, and power; hence it helps build muscle mass and strength. As your muscles become stronger, its endurance of strength improves, and your muscles don’t get sore as easily. With regular exercise people who are prone to sore muscles can benefit immensely.

If the pain and discomfort is too bad, it is important to see a doctor immediately to rule out any other conditions.

In order to strengthen weak muscles, it is important to follow a healthy diet and take supplements such as Jintropin[3] which provide strength to weak muscle and add mass.

Sore muscles can be painful but with care, it can be handled effectively


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