Getting the Most from CoolSculpting in 8 Steps

what is CoolSculpting CoolSculpting is a non-invasive body sculpting procedure that freezes unwanted fat from anywhere on your body and even face to achieve amazing body contouring results. It can be beneficial particularly for athletes who can’t get rid of stubborn fat in certain areas by means of exercising.

If you want to get the best results from CoolSculpting, here are a few tips from the doctor Olga Bachilo who frequently uses CoolSculpting to treat her Houston-area patients.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting is the only procedure that is currently FDA-approved for non-surgical fat-reduction using a controlled cooling technology called Cryolipolysis. CoolSculpting literally freezes away unwanted fat from problem areas such as love handles and bra bulges.

Fat freezing lets you tone and sculpt your body to achieve amazing body contouring and definition without the need for plastic surgery. CoolSculpting is performed by means of a special device that gently freezes fat cells beneath the skin’s surface. Once the freezing temperature breaks down the fat cells, they are permanently destroyed, and the body will eliminate them by natural excretion methods.

CoolSculpting® is gentle and painless and smoothes away bumps and bulges, while also tightening the skin and improving definition in the area. Learn more about how Coolsculpting works and what to expect from it.

Decide if CoolSculpting Is Right for You

CoolSculpting might be right for you if no amount of working out is achieving the toning and muscular definition that you desire. CoolSculpting is not a weight loss treatment but a weight reduction treatment, ideal for those who maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle with plenty of exercise.

You should be within 15-25 pounds of your ideal weight. CoolSculpting is especially popular with athletes such as weightlifters who desire excellent definition and muscle tone, and with individuals who want a more streamlined body with a more comfortable and loose fit to their clothing.

8 Steps to Enhancing Your CoolSculpting Results

#1. Develop a Plan

Your doctor should help you develop a body contouring plan depending on your individual goals and your current condition. While some patients may achieve desired results after only one CoolSculpting treatment, others may require subsequent treatments.

You may also wish to combine CoolSculpting with another non-invasive treatment to further optimize your results, such as Legacy to provide ultimate skin tightening, or EmSculpt to provide enhanced definition in the torso, such as six-pack abs.

You should also plan to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen after the procedure to ensure that your results remain optimal.

#2. Post-Session Massage

A CoolSculpting session should be immediately followed by a vigorous 2-minute massage. This post-treatment massage is essential to break up the frozen fat cells and ensure optimal elimination. Clinical studies have demonstrated that patients who receive the post-treatment massage obtain superior results versus those who don’t receive the massage.

#3. Wear a Compression Garment

It is beneficial to wear a compression garment to compress the treatment area and encourage its optimal healing, while also helping the body to conform to its new contour. Wearing a compression garment also increases your comfort level during the initial healing period and dramatically reduces swelling following the CoolSculpting treatment.

#4. Drink More Water

Since you will be eliminating your frozen fat cells through your body’s natural elimination system of excretion, increasing your water intake will facilitate this process and optimize your results, also speeding up the process a bit, so you can appreciate your final results sooner.

#5. Exercise

Exercising is the best way to enhance the results of your Coolsculpting treatment and ensure that fat won’t come back after CoolSculpting. If you want to maintain your results over time, as well as speeding up the process of elimination right after treatment, you must commit to doing fat-burning exercises regularly.

These three highly-efficient fat burning exercises will enhance the results of your CoolSculpting treatment:


Running is a great way to burn fat and build endurance while also improving circulation and stimulating your metabolism so that you burn more with any exercise that you do afterward.

Since running will work up a sweat, it’s a great way to eliminate those frozen fat cells through natural excretion methods.

Jumping Rope

Another popular and efficient cardio exercise that provides you with a full body workout and helps you get rid of extra calories even faster than jogging. It also increases the density of your bones, improves coordination, and reinforces your feet and ankles.

Elliptical Machine

The elliptical machine not only provides excellent cardiovascular benefits but also gives you a full body workout that efficiently burns fat, builds strength and endurance. The elliptical is great for those who want to lose weight or tone the entire body. It is easy to use and provides excellent results. Here is more information about their types and how to choose the best one for your needs.

#6. Keep a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet can also help you get better results from CoolSculpting. By reducing your intake of junk food, high-carb items, and fatty treats, and increasing your intake of natural lean meats, fresh fruits, and lots of vegetables, you’ll not only feel healthier, but you’ll also look better as well, while stimulating the fat elimination following your CoolSculpting treatment.

Even though the fat removed through CoolSculpting is permanently gone from the treatment area, it will not prevent you from gaining fat in other areas, damaging the results of your procedure. Take a look at this nice article with tips on planning a healthy diet.

#7. Z Wave—a Shockwave Therapy Treatment

The Z Wave is another amazing non-surgical procedure that can be used to enhance the effects of CoolSculpting through shockwave therapy. The benefits of manual massage following CoolSculpting treatments have been consistently demonstrated.

CoolSculpting with Z Wave is actually an improvement on the use of manual massage, as the Z Wave device delivers radial pulse therapy that achieves more comprehensive as well as faster results from the CoolSculpting procedure, making it a perfect treatment to combine with CoolSculpting, because it helps to break up frozen fat cells and achieve more uniform results.

The Z Wave also effectively treats cellulite, creating a smoother and more streamlined contour than CoolSculpting alone.

#8. EmSculpt

EmSculpt is a non-invasive treatment that enhances muscle definition and achieves some fat reduction on the abdomen. It uses focused electromagnetic technology to simulate intense muscle contractions that produce an effect similar to doing 20,000 sit-ups in one 30-minute session.

EmSculpt is ideal for individuals who have less than one inch of extra fat around the midsection and good muscle tone. It works all of the abdominal muscles, toning and sculpting the upper and lower abs and obliques, and may burn up to 19% of the fat in the treated area. This resource provides detailed information on how EmSculpt works, its benefits and more.

CoolSculpting actually eliminates more fat cells, but combining it with Coolsculpting can produce much greater fat reduction and more comprehensive results. EmSculpt is usually used to tone and define the abdominal muscles, while CoolSculpting trims down the love handles, flanks and back.

This combination helps to create a totally sculpted waist and midsection. Both treatments can be performed the same day, but they should not be applied to the same areas on the same day. You may choose to combine both treatments into one treatment session.

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