How Max Workouts Helped Me Change My Lifestyle

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I have been preoccupied with my lifestyle and habits and how I could improve them for the better for a few years now, after going over the 30’s milestone. Like most of the people from my generation, I started reading about healthy foods, exercising a bit, you know, nothing major.

But a short while ago I started looking for a way to upgrade my routine and push myself further. I didn’t really know which direction to go, considered starting Tae Bo for a while, then changed my mind and started looking again. Finally, I read this Max Workouts review on and just knew I had to try it. Here is everything I discovered after I actually completed the program.

My Level of Fitness Before the Max Workouts Program

So, before starting the program, about a year back, I tried to exercise more with light jogging, 3-4 times a week. In time, I got slightly better at it: my weight was normal and I could jog for about 20-30 minutes, at a steady pace.

Still, I was far from being a workout beast; any faster-paced exercise left me breathless and even though my weight was normal, I didn’t exactly succeed in having a healthy diet. I was eating a normal number of calories, but from chaotic sources, with more than the occasional fast food dish.

I compensated for this with health supplements but I knew that I’m in relatively good shape now only on account of my youth and that I couldn’t keep it up like this. I needed real change and turned to the Max Workouts fitness program for it.

What I Had to Do During the Program

The Max Workouts program had me working out every day for about 30 minutes to an hour. The main 5 sessions of the week were organized as follows:

  • Circuit Training Sessions: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • High-Intensity Interval Cardio: every Tuesday and Thursday.

The Circuit Training Sessions consist of 30 minutes blocks of exercises which you should not interrupt until completed. So, if you’re the kind of person who enjoys taking breaks from exercising, especially when it’s all pretty fast-paced, you may find this pretty difficult.

I, for one, sure did. It took me almost 3 weeks to be able to really do it without interruption and without losing breath. All I can say is that when I finally managed to handle these Circuit Training workouts the way they were meant to, I felt like a fitness goddess, though there was still more from the Max Workouts program yet to go.

The High Intensity Cardio workouts can also be difficult to master without interruptions, and I have to confess that for those, that feat eluded me for the entire duration of the program. I’m only human. I confess to taking short breathing breaks every 10 minutes or so but I still think the program worked for me even with this small tweak.

How Hard Was It?

It was pretty hard, I won’t sugarcoat it. I did take some extra in case I couldn’t cop with the program and with my other daily responsibilities (job, self-care etc.) but, on the whole, I would still say this was more than manageable.

These are the precautions that helped me push through it:

  • I took extra time to stretch and do 10-15 minutes of light warm-up motions before each training session.
  • I drank post-workout drinks containing magnesium and other substances good for preventing the lactic acid build-up in muscles.
  • I slept a lot because the whole routine got me tired, but it was a good kind of tired. I went to sleep at 9PM sometimes and slept like a baby until 6AM. Never felt so good when waking up.
  • I followed the meal guides included in the Max Workouts program to the letter and I think this played a huge part in how my body coped with the program. The lean protein and carbs in that diet plan really helped my muscles develop nicely and the overall outline of my body get defined.

The Results Promised and What I Actually Achieved

The Max Workouts program promises to deliver this:

  • Higher levels of strength, agility and endurance,
  • Healthier eating habits,
  • A greater level of energy than you had before starting,
  • More productivity,
  • Muscle growth,
  • A leaner body.

I can vouch for achieving all of the intended effects, except for more productivity and muscle growth. I can’t really notice a great muscle growth but I can’t say I wanted it, as a woman. I’m definitely leaner and look better and this is because of more toned muscles, but you can’t really see them all grown (and I like it this way).

As for the productivity, I already was a pretty productive person so I can’t say I was in need of any boost on this score.

The Lifestyle Changes that Actually Stuck with Me

After completing the Max Workouts program, I think I will take a break from it, but not from high-intensity exercises, not by a longshot. This program managed to get me into a high-powered training mode and I’m not about to quit now. So, I will try other programs, for the sake of variety, but I will also return to this program twice a year.

As for other lifestyle changes, it definitely helped me eat better and plan my meals in advance so I don’t end up making poor diet choices. I think the nutrition lessons I got from the Max Workouts program will stay with me for quite some time and will help fuel other intense training programs, as well.

A quick disclaimer: I wouldn’t recommend the Max Workouts diet for periods of less intensive training or people who don’t exercise at all and just want to lose some weight. It’s definitely a diet meant to fuel a high intensity training regime. I would also not recommend the program if you are working with a tight budget, since it is more expensive than other fitness programs. The basic program costs $40 and you get several free bonuses.


All in all, my experience with Max Workouts was great, considering what an almost slob I was in the beginning. Was it difficult? Yes. Would I do it again? Definitely.

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