How To Get Lean: Tips for Beginners

Do you want to build lean muscle? Lift weights and take charge of your nutrition! The only surefire way to build lean muscle is to incorporate regular exercise and a healthy diet into your life, period.

High quality proteins like chicken, eggs, salmon, yogurt, nuts, tuna and others need to be an integral part of your diet if lean muscle is your goal. A gym membership will also be a major component of your lean muscle building toolkit.

But most importantly you must sacrifice yourself and be committed to your new diet and exercise routine. But where to start? Educate!

Let’s take a look at some basic principles to lean muscle building.

Basic Principles to Build Lean Muscle

Here are five basic principles to build lean muscle. Visit Get You Lean if you want more in-depth information on lean muscle building. You can also find a ton of resources here – Check out our bodybuilding section.

Combine Macro-nutrients Wisely

If you want to get lean, it is advisable for you not to consume the carbohydrate-only meal. This type of meal is vital. It can cause your liver to convert excess carbs in your body into fat. This fat can be used in the future as energy. Also, such meals lack proteins which is important to the body. Make sure you consume meals with proteins so that you can create a specific hormonal response. It is simple. Just combine carbohydrates with more proteins to create the insulin. The insulin increases your body workout. The muscle building must be supported by the combination of carbohydrates and proteins.

Do Not Do Excessive Cardio

Your body can adapt to cardio due to resistance training. Different habits such as running for hours will make your body to adapt to this quickly. The body becomes more fuel-efficient. With this, your body will burn a small number of calories as you attempt to run longer and farther using less energy. After this, your body needs more cardio to achieve fat burning.

If you like running for hours per week, you need to reduce this. This will help you to regain your metabolism back. Just cut out cardio and eat more food. Once you recover your metabolism, your body can manipulate foods leading to loss of weight. Eventually, this will the effective training and adds muscle to the body.

Increase Your Fiber Intake

You need fiber in your body. Fiber is kind of a carbohydrate which cannot break down into a glucose. There are two types of fibers, these are soluble and insoluble and both are beneficial. Soluble fiber help in forming a gel that slows down the digestion process. It also lowers the blood cholesterol

Insoluble fiber is known to promote and help in regular bowel movements. Examples include asparagus, broccoli, cabbages, celery, spinach, water chestnuts, beans, zucchini and green leafy veggies. Also, these fiber foods help the food to pass faster through your stomach and intestines. This contributes to a proper, healthy digestive function.

Fiber helps to slow down the release of carbohydrates in your body. Berries, black beans, and sweet potatoes are digested slowly, causing a slow and steady stream of the glucose into the bloodstream. Low fiber foods such as white bread will fasten the digestion. This causes large spikes in insulin.

Know That Calories Are Not Created Equal

Everything you eat is categorized as either a protein, fat or a carbohydrate. The foods we consume are very important due to the calories they supply. Despite them providing calories, these three macronutrients usually metabolizes differently. 1g of protein, fat and carbohydrate contains 4 calories, 9 calories and 4 calories respectively.

Protein is known to have a high thermic effect when compared to fats and carbohydrates. Simply, your body will digest more proteins and burn more calories than it does to fats and carbs. Protein is essential while dealing with calories than fats and carbohydrates. However, carbs are preferred as it gives energy used in training. With this, you will be able to accomplish your planned training.

Incorporate Resistance Training In Your Lifestyle

This sounds awesome. Having more muscles in the body will help your body to become active. Your body will become active metabolically. It will burn more calories each day. Even if you are sitting around, the body will still be active.

However, you need to incorporate resistance training such as lifting weights. This is when you are dealing with your exercise regimen. You need to stress your body well by lifting weights. Eventually, your body will become stronger and bigger as you maintain muscle mass.

In Conclusion

Educating yourself in basic nutrition will go a long way when it comes to building lean muscle, especially understanding macronutrients and how to use them to your advantage. While the above tips only scratch the surface when it comes to increasing lean muscle mass, you’ve got to start somewhere. The path to success is a long run so a true dedication to your goals is going to be necessary.

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