Huge Female Biceps

huge female bicepsWhy is there a Page About Huge Female Biceps?

The sole reason there is a page about huge female biceps is that every day an estimated 1200 people in the world search for information about it.

That was intriguing enough to examine the phenomenon of big female biceps and shed some light on the subject.

As a personal trainer it is always a goal for most clients to stay slim. Almost 100% of the time women will tell their trainer, “I don’t want to bulk, I want to tone.”

They think lifting weights will cause them to achieve big female biceps overnight but this is not the case. The truth is for a female to achieve big biceps it is far more difficult than a male.

Women with normal testosterone levels have very little chance to build huge biceps even if they want to and train biceps every day.

How Does a Woman Get Huge Biceps?

In order to build large biceps, women must eat a far greater amount of food than they normally would. In order to get big female biceps women usually take steroids which are synthetic versions of the male hormone testosterone.

Women who look to build huge biceps also must eat a extraordinary amount of food. The training program is much different from a typical women’s exercise program. In order to get big female biceps women must work their biceps with multiple exercises and multiple sets using heavy and light weights.

Check out the biceps exercise page for some great information.

When Should Women Worry About Accidentally Developing Big Biceps?

This is a major concern for women. When women talk to a prospective personal trainer they will warn them about not wanting to get big. Many women complain every time their trainer tries to increase the weight on any exercises.

The fact is, 99% of women should NEVER have to worry about building huge biceps by accident because it is virtually impossible. Even obese women trying to lose weight should never worry about accidentally gaining “too much muscle” because it is virtually impossible under normal conditions.

Do Men Find Big Female Biceps Attractive?

Some men are turned off when a women has bigger arms than they do. Some men like big female biceps. Maybe men who have extremely huge biceps for themselves like huge female biceps the most?

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