Medical Cannabis’ Potential Neuropathy Healing Properties

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Potential Neuropathy Healing Properties of Cannabis

Neuropathy is a pretty common problem that people experience due to their nerves being damaged, the effects of neuropathy can manifest in a variety of ways, neuropathic pain being one the most common one.

The reason why one’s nerves become damaged can vary from irresponsible alcohol consumption to lifelong afflictions such as diabetes and inherited disorders. Neuropathy can be pretty complicated since the symptoms, reasons,and effects vary from case to case, the worst thing about neuropathy is that currently there is no cure for it, the only thing doctors can do ishelp patients manage their symptoms in some cases through medication and therapy.

There is one form of neuropathy that most people have heard of; chronic pain. Chronic pain is experienced when onehas to deal withsymptoms of neuropathy in the form of physical pain, chronic pain can be quite debilitating and usually requires patients to take strong pain management drugs that have long-lasting effects on their health.

So far doctors have only been able to make chronic pain more bearable,however, we might have a much better treatment for chronic pain just around the corner. In fact, we have had this treatment option under our noses for quite some time now; medical marijuana.

Cannabis has been classified as an illegal drug for quite some time now, however,authorities are finally beginning to recognize its numerous medicinal properties, marijuana has been legalized in several countries already for medical use since it can help control the spread of cancer, treat seizures and do a lot more.

Marijuana can also help alleviate pain, making it a promising alternative to the currently available pain reducing drugs, the debate on whether marijuana can be used as a pain medicine has been around for quite some time now. In 2014, a meeting was held by the World Congress in Buenos Aires where the use of marijuana as a pain relief drug was discussed extensively.

During this conference, neuropathic pain treatment was also discussed, during the meeting,a Pain Clinician from the McGill University (Mark Ware) laid out a lot of scientific reasoning that supported the use of medical marijuana as a valid pain medicine. According to the Pain Clinician, THC and CBD (natural, synthetic or endogenous) had a significant effect throughout one’s nervous system.

Along with scientific proof highlighting marijuana’s ability to deal with pain, there are plenty of documented cases of cancer patients and people suffering from chronic pain making use of medical marijuana to manage pain levels. In some cases, marijuana was capable of providing pain relief that conventional drugs were not capable of.

Marijuana is going to become legal in many more countries quite soon, and once that happens a lot of people will have access to a safer and more effective pain relief medication. The marijuana legalizing movement is a fairly recent one,however,synthetic THC compounds have been used legally within the US since 1985. These synthetic compounds were mostly used for cancer and HIV patients,however, they have also been prescribed to people with chronic pains.

Research onthesesynthetic THC led to scientists finding out that synthetic marijuana supplements are much safer than natural ones, despite the fact that marijuana is illegal in the US, there has still been a comprehensive amount of research regarding this plant.

If you are suffering from neuropathy related pains and have trouble managing them then you should seek professional help that will allow you to explore the various treatment options you have.

Medical marijuana is gradually becoming a legitimate form of medicine and you should definitely start considering it as an option, not only does it provide better pain relief, it is much safer to use and causes no long-term damage to your health.

For more guidance on neuropathy related supplements, take a look at supplements guide, a great place to learn more about neuropathy, what causes it and what can you do to manage your neuropathy related symptoms.

Remember, with the right kind of help and with a positive attitude, one can gain better control over their lives and make sure that their illnesses do not rule over them.

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