How to Use the Power of the Mind-Body Connection to Support Your Health & Fitness Goals

Utilizing the Power of the Mind-Body Connection

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The reality is that we use only a small portion of our brain’s capacity throughout the course of our lifetimes. The “actual” percentage is unknown of course but the best guess among the experts is somewhere BELOW ten percent! According to experts in the field, the prevailing wisdom is that the greatest geniuses of all time probably did not access more than 10-15% of their brain’s capacity while they were alive! Where does this leave the rest of us? It is my hope that we ALL develop our brain’s capabilities throughout our lives and through setting health and fitness goals every year of our lives we will give that opportunity for growth and expansion a REAL chance. I am exploring this area of health and fitness because we KNOW the mind-body connection is REAL. It definitely impacts our ability to achieve whatever it is we desire to accomplish and research is proving this to be true every day.


Walt Disney is one of the people I have admired throughout the course of my life. He accomplished incredible things during his life that have continued to expand and grow because of his incredible ability to imagine and envision a future that did not exist during his lifetime. We have all been touched by his genius and yet at his death he had only accomplished a fraction of what he wanted to do with Disney the business. Decades following his death his team was still completing many of his goals and to this day Disney still lives because he used so much of the power of his mind. Unfortunately, his health suffered because of poor habits accumulated over his life such as smoking and eventually those habits cost him his life. What could have been possible had he lived? No one of course will ever know but the reality he created through his imagination will live on because he was so committed to his vision – and purpose.

Each of us has the same potential Walt Disney and other geniuses possessed but the difference is that many of us NEVER realize our potential due to circumstances and experiences that “drag” us off course and kill our spirits. Failure can become as real as success if we allow the effects of the world to dominate our thinking and control our behavior and choices. “What others think of us” is none of our business, however, what we think of OURSELVES is DEFINITELY our business.

So how do we think of ourselves? Is it positively or negatively? Is it with love or with criticism? The answers are contained in our subconscious minds. The subconscious mind is the driver of your life. From it comes your reality – your perceptions and beliefs of your life. Most of this information comes from others and determines in large measure the “way” in which you process information and experience. If you see the “cup half full” and not “half empty”, you most likely live your life from a hopeful and happy perspective – expecting good to come to you because of “who you are” on the inside. If you are a “half” empty sort, your life most assuredly reflects that negativity and you struggle with goals and setting a positive course for yourself because “failure” just seems to follow you no matter what you do!

The idea is to harness the power of your mind as Walt Disney did in his life and “see Disneyland” – not the fields of oranges others saw when they saw the land he wanted for his new theme park – the first one in the U.S.! Life delivers positive results to those who see “beyond the forest” so they can see the trees. “Changing your mind” is the BIG challenge in life because it requires self examination and honesty to arrive at your new “truth” – that you CAN indeed accomplish amazing things if only you provide yourself with the proper “mind set” and tools for their achievement. Health and fitness goals work the same way for you that Disney envisioned his most important projects and ideas and eventually they became a reality – not only for him – but for ALL of us who have loved going to Disneyland and experiencing his vision first hand!

“What you SEE, SAY, THINK, FEEL, BELIEVE, and IMAGINE yourself to BE you become. Actions speak louder than words and your actions always speak the truth that lies within you. If your truth has been failure, turn it into success “one step at a time”. “Inch by inch, anything is a cinch” was a favorite phrase by a famous minister and I hold to that belief to this day. You MUST as well is IF you are to become healthy and fit for life! Here are some questions you can ponder as you face your health and fitness goals for 2013 and beyond. There is no timetable for answering them – just “think on them”:

  1. Is it true? (that I can become fit)
  2. Do I believe it? (that I can DO “it”)
  3. Do I care about ACTING on this belief? (Will I quit at some point?)
  4. What you SEE is what you get – what do you see when you look at yourself?
  5. What you SAY is what you get – what do you say in support of yourself?
  6. What you BELIEVE is what you get – what do you believe to be true for yourself?

The four keys to programming your subconscious mind are:

Visualization – this process describes what I call the “Walt Disney” secret – “defining the new you”

Affirmation – this process confirms for your subconscious the “you” you want to become (ex. I am strong) and strengthens you through your words your deepest thoughts and beliefs about yourself

Imagination – “the child’s greatest gift” – imagining the possibilities without condemnation or judgment – this is the gift we lose almost entirely as we grow older (except for Steve Jobs etc.)

Behavior – How do your actions get interpreted by the world and do they reflect who you truly ARE?


The realm of the mind-body connection is still a great mystery to researchers and the world at large and yet we know IT MATTERS that we harmonize this connection in terms that we can interpret and embody in every aspect of our lives. This connection is the REAL definition of what it means to live abundantly and without regret. When Walt Disney died in 1966 at the age of 65 he had already accomplished so much more than most of us will ever dream of doing but that does NOT mean we can’t duplicate HOW he did what he did during his lifetime. I have more than dedicated myself to this project of writing for because through writing about what fuels MY imagination when it comes to my own fitness journey, I have only scratched the surface of what I have to say. Suffice it to say I will be exploring this topic in upcoming articles because if I had to pick just ONE topic I wished to explore more completely – it would be the exploration of the human mind and its incredible impact on our lives. I hope this journey fuels your imagination too and you find the path that has always been waiting JUST FOR YOU!

Author Profile: Nick Prukop

Website:      Email: [email protected] Nick is an author, teacher, and speaker and has been a certified personal trainer and lifestyle and weight management consultant since 1992. He is currently recognized as a master trainer by the IDEA International Health and Fitness Association. He has been a runner since 1964 and has accumulated over 60,000 miles in that time.

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