Top 5 No-Equipment Exercises for Home, the Office, or on the Go

No-Equipment Exercises for Home or OfficeStay Fit at Home or the Office by Utilizing These Five No-Equipment Exercises

Are you one of the many who want to get fit or at least maintain your fitness levels but feel you just never seem to have enough time for exercise? No excuses anymore!

Here are five powerful bodyweight exercises that you can perform just about anywhere.  Whether you are at home, in the office or on the road, take a few minutes out of your day and utilize these exercises.

If you want to strengthen your core, maintain a pain free back, build muscle, and burn calories in the process, these five no equipment required exercises are a great place to start.

So without further ado, here are five awesome no-equipment exercises to perform anywhere. Enjoy!

Top 5 No-Equipment Exercises to Perform at Home, the Office or on the Go

#5. Cobra

Why the Cobra is one of the Top 5 No-Equipment Exercises to Perform at Home or Office

If you are exercising at home there is a good chance you also spend a lot of time there.

If you are spending time at home that usually means prolonged periods of sitting. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can lead to muscle imbalances, especially when you are at a computer desk.

The prone cobra involves strengthening the chronically weak muscles that are problematic for sedentary people and office workers.

The cobra also helps lengthen the antagonist muscles in your chest and anterior deltoids as well as strengthen your lower back and glutes. Perform this exercise on the ground or utilize a ball as shown in the video.

#4. Planks

Why the Plank is one of the Top 5 No-Equipment Exercises to Perform at Home or Office

The plank is a great exercise for working out at home or the office for many reasons.

First of all, plank exercises work your deep core muscles which are chronically weak in people who spend a lot of time sitting down and even seasoned gym goers who neglect the deep spinal stabilizer muscles.

Secondly, plank exercises are very versatile and you can progress the difficulty by using simple household objects.

All versions of the plank are great for strengthening your core and stabilization of your body which can make you more efficient at all functional movements, not to mention tighten the muscles in your mid-section.

Variations of Planks with No Equipment

Side Plank  Partner Plank  Plank with Hip Abduction  Dynamic Side Plank  |  Stationary Lunges

#3. Squats

Why Squats are one of the Top 5 No-Equipment Exercises to Perform at Home or Office

Many consider squats to be the king of all exercises. You do not need tons of weights to get an effective leg workout with squats.

Squats strengthen some of the largest muscles of your body as well as help improve your balance and coordination.

Working the large muscle groups of your body is most important for speeding up your metabolism, so next time you get on the floor to do some crunches, you should realize that squats are far more effective for helping you burn fat from all of your body.

You can perform squats at home with many household objects to increase the difficulty if the standard squat becomes too easy.

Variations of Squats with No Equipment

Dumbbell Step Ups | Squat Jumps | Bulgarian Split Squats | One Leg Squats| One Leg Support Squats

#2. Push-Ups

Why Push-ups are one of the Top 5 No-Equipment Exercises to Perform at Home or Office

Push-ups work the large muscle group of your chest, anterior deltoids and triceps.

If performed properly push-ups are also a tremendous core exercise.

Probably the best part about push-ups is you can perform them anywhere with slight modifications to increase or decrease the difficulty.

Push-ups are great for alternating with lower body exercises such as squats & lunges and core exercises such as the plank to create a workout which will target multiple muscle groups.

Variations of Push-ups with No Equipment

Push-ups w/ Rotation   |   Clapping Push-ups   |   Staggered Push-Ups   |  Wall Handstand Push-Ups

#1. Lunges

Why Lunges are one of the Top 5 No-Equipment Exercises to Perform at Home or Office

Lunges are one of the very best exercises with or without equipment.

Lunges allow you to work your entire lower body and if you perform them properly your glutes which are the largest muscle in your body.

Strengthening the glutes is important because if you sit on them all day, your muscles will atrophy and it will lead to posture problems which will slow down your progress.

Lunges are very versatile. There are many simple ways to modify lunges to help you work your legs completely while you increase your metabolism.

You do not need fancy equipment to work your legs to the extreme. Either use no equipment or household items and get tremendous workouts with all the fabulous variations of lunges.

Variations of Lunges with No Equipment

Stationary Lunge Jumps   |   4x lunges   |   Push Back Lunges   |   Inner Outer Thigh Lunges

The Bottom Line

personal trainerWhile these five exercises obviously aren’t the only exercises that you can use to your advantage pretty much anywhere and anytime during the day, they are five powerful ones that I highly recommend you add to your arsenal. In fact, throw in a few more upper body exercises and you’ve got yourself a powerful little workout on your hands.

Exercises like many of these that utilize your large muscle groups not only improve muscle definition, they burn a ton of calories for improved fat burn. These five touch many major large muscle groups in your body including your back, chest, and powerful glutes. Core strength and stabilization is also covered with these five and that is a must if you want to keep your overall body strong and in optimal alignment.

On top of calorie burn potential and sheer strength building, these exercises will help to improve your posture if regularly performed. Poor posture is something that plagues many of us thanks to our modern digital and often sedentary lifestyle.

Rounded shoulders and a question mark back are not only less desirable aesthetically (think Quasimodo!), poor posture (aka., muscle imbalances) will negatively impact you in the long run in a big way if nothing is done to maintain your bodies natural alignment.

But now you have no excuse to not fit some exercise into your busy schedule. So what are you waiting for? Go exercise! I hope you enjoyed my top five no-equipment required exercise list. Thanks for reading.

What are your favorite no-equipment exercises? Let me know in the comments below…

Author Profile: Mike Behnken

Mike Behnken is a personal trainer who holds multiple NASM certifications and a MS in Exercise Science. Mike loves fitness, travel, and photography among many other interests.

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