Nutrition Myths

Nutrition Myths

Getting Rid of these Lies about Nutrition Once & For All!

Misinformation and misunderstanding is the most common reason why nutrition myths develop.

Nutrition myths are often supported by the mass media to make money off the uneducated, uninformed public looking for the quick fix.

Low Carb Diets are a Great way to Lose Weight

Low carbohydrate diets are a short term method of weight loss. When you deplete your body of carbohydrates your body reduces its water stores hence lowering your body weight.

When you eat carbs again which you obviously will, as they are what your brain uses exclusively for energy as well as what your muscles use primarily for energy, you will gain the water weight right back.

The only natural way to lose weight is to eat a naturally healthy, balanced low calorie diet which you can maintain for a lifetime and be physically active.

Since weight loss is ultimately determined by your caloric balance, eating healthy balanced meals w/ carbs, protein and fat will help your energy levels remain stable and it will be less likely you will overeat calories especially with calorie dense junk foods.

Extra Protein in your Diet will make you a Hulking Muscle FreakHulking Muscle Freak

Becoming a hulking muscle freak is not the goal of everybody. Even people who want to become a hulking muscle freak cannot do so by simply increasing protein intake.

Protein is the slowest metabolizing nutrient and also uses the most calories do digest. Protein is also the most difficult macronutrient for the body to store as body fat. Gaining “too much muscle” is virtually impossible for 99% of people.

If you get bulky after exercise and increasing protein intake, you have most likely gained fat. All macronutrients including protein can be stored as body fat. This is why it is imperative to know your body composition with body fat measurement.

You can Only Digest 30 Grams of Protein per MealHigh Protein Meats

You should be weary of any absolute claims about nutrition. Absolute claims often turn out to be nutrition myths especially if the claim doesn’t specify much.

Different people with different fitness levels and different diets have different needs. This goes for the amount of protein they can consume and digest with each meal as well as all other aspects of their nutritional needs.

If this were true, then a 250 pound male, muscular football player and a 90 lb female marathon runner would be able to digest the same amount of protein per meal. This nutrition myths is put to rest with that simple statement.

More Nutrition Myths Coming Soon….

If you would like clarification on fitness or nutrition myths please check out the Ask The Trainer Q&A, you may just find what you are looking for.

Where is Good Information which is free from Nutrition Myths ?

Remember there is no one size fits all nutrition program. Use common knowledge from credible sources to create a balanced nutrition program for yourself.

Keep a nutrition journal of your experience, and use trial and error to create an optimal nutrition program for you. Your tedious journal will pay off.

A custom nutrition program created by you, from your experience is better than anything you can find in a book or hear from an expert. You can use your own custom nutrition program for the duration of your life as it will be constantly evolving.

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