Online College Degree for Personal Trainers

Why Should Personal Trainers get an Online College Degree?

Online College Degrees are Rewarding

Online College Degrees are Rewarding

Attending college is one of the most memorable if not best experience of many people’s lives.

This being said, why would someone want to miss the great experience of college life and study online?

Online Degrees are Convenient for Busy People

Online Masters Degree from CUP through NASM

The founder of received his Master of Science degree in exercise science, performance enhancement, injury prevention online.

It is unfortunate, but everybody is not able to attend college or a university directly after high school. For whatever reason life happens and plans get diverted.

Fortunately in this day and age the saying, “You can always go back to school.” has never been more true.

Gone are the days when 30 or 40 somethings had to sit in the same classroom with immature 18 year olds.

College degrees online have been popular from everyone from work at home moms to high level managers and directors at large corporations. Online classes can help you in all careers. Furthermore an online college degree is always on the table.

What are College Degree Online Classes for Personal Trainers Like?

According to him, his online college degree was the perfect solution for increasing knowledge while working full time as a personal trainer.

His online master’s degree was a valuable tool to dramatically improve his knowledge of exercise science which had a direct correlation to the improvement of his personal training service.

Since he already had 4 years of personal training experience, as well as an on-campus bachelor of science in exercise science, fitness program management and personal training certifications the base of knowledge was already there.

He was already working full time as a personal trainer which enabled him to use the new knowledge learned in the online masters program as it was learned. The ability to do this was invaluable because there was no hands-on experience in the remote education program.

The online classes and projects were vary challenging and he learned valuable knowledge for on the job skills. Communication with students in the same program were easy, and convenient.

The MS in exercise science program in exercise science had essays and papers due often as well as weekly participation in online discussions about the weekly topics.

Everything was organized into weekly modules which were due weekly but allowed complete freedom to do the work whenever time was available. As a full time personal trainer trying to pay the high San Francisco rent, an online college degree was the only logical way to achieve a higher education.

How much does an Online College Degree cost?

The Cost of an Online College Degree usually has the Same Cost as the Same Degree on Campus

Minus the obvious on-campus living or travel expenses, most schools use the same curriculum with their online programs as their on campus programs.

More prestigious and private versus public schools charge more. If you want to get an online college degree specifically to be a personal trainer there is only a few masters degree programs around the nation. Masters degree programs are usually 1 year in length and cost less than the bachelors.

You can still seek a masters degree if you have a bachelors degree unrelated to exercise science. If online is the only option for your undergraduate studies, you may want to learn about phoenix colleges and see if their system is right for you.

Are Online College Degrees good for Personal Trainers?

Getting a college degree online is one of the few ways to truly become a better personal trainer. Your experience will always be what sharpens your skills as a personal trainer but a college degree is absolutely the best base of knowledge to sharpen.

If you want the most in-depth knowledge about exercise science which will help your present and/or future clients, a college degree gives you that as well as extra credibility.

Author Profile: Mike Behnken

Mike Behnken is a personal trainer who holds multiple NASM certifications and a MS in Exercise Science. Mike loves fitness, travel, and photography among many other interests.

Disclaimer: The views of the author are his or her own, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Ask The Trainer.

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