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P90x Fitness Guide BookProgram Overview

As you go about the quest to lose weight and get in shape, you’ll definitely come across the P90X workout guidebook as one of the solutions. There are many different programs out there that you can utilize, however, the P90X fitness guide is one that does tend to stand above the rest.

This program has brought many people of all different age and fitness levels success and if you use it properly, it can do the same for you. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits that you will see when you choose to use the P90X guide.

Full Meal Planningp90x nutrition planner

The very first great thing about the P90X guidebook is that it’s accompanied by the P90X Nutrition Guide which is going to provide you with full meal planning that you can use to guide your approach to well-balanced nutrition.

Since nutrition does play such a vital role in the overall results you see as you go about the workout, this is one element that cannot be overlooked. Many other programs will just provide you with the workout element of things, which is great, however it really only addresses half the equation of fat loss.

The combination of the P90X fitness & nutrition guides changes that and ensures that you have everything you need for maximum success.

Structured Workout Programs

Moving on, the next key benefit that you’ll see from using the guidebook is the fact that all the workouts are very structured and laid out right there for you.

Each workout will also be slightly different, so no two weeks on the program will ever be the same. This constant variety is what keeps many people interested in doing the program and the biggest reason why they do reach the end and correspondingly achieve their goals.

If you’ve felt lost and confused before with other workout programs that you’ve done, the P90X exercise guide is going to help to relieve these feelings and get you right back on track so you always know what comes next.

Constant Progress Through The Program

Another must-have for any workout program that will get you results is constant progress. The absolute worst feeling for someone who’s devoting time and energy into going to the gym (or doing home workouts) is putting in that effort and then not seeing results because of it.

If there’s one way to see a serious decline in motivation, this would be it.

One key element that sets the fitness guide of the P90X apart from the rest however is that it’s always changing to allow you to constantly progress throughout the program.

As you continue to complete the workout sessions your body is going to reach higher overall levels of fitness ability and as it does, this means the intensity will have to be increased.

The P90X guidebook provides this so that you never run into one of those frustrating plateaus.

Help And Support

Finally, the last major benefit that the P90X guidebook will offer is constant progress throughout it.

If you’re like many people out there you aren’t exactly what you’d call a ‘fitness pro’ and do need a bit of support and hand-holding along the way.

This is perfectly alright and normal and fortunately, the P90X guide will supply this. Since the program is so popular it’s easy to find others who are using it to turn to for advice or if needed, you can consult their website for any needed support you may require.

When you use the P90X along with its fitness guide, you’ll never alone in your quest for better health. This can provide you with a very high sense of peace of mind.

So make sure that you keep all these key benefits in the back of your mind as you seek out a variety of workout programs. The P90X guidebook has much to offer those who are willing to invest in the time and effort and will ensure that your hard work does not go unrewarded.

Overview of the P90X Guidebook – Extreme Training System

This is P90X
The initial section of the P90X program guide goes into lengths explaining the scientific methodology of the P90X program. The section also goes over everything from nutrition (although a lot more is covered in the P90X nutrition guidebook) to injury prevention to P90X supplements.

P90X Prep
The second section of the P90X guide includes taking before & after photos, a comprehensive set of measurements including a thorough fitness test assessment.

P90X Classic
The first section of the P90X program labeled “P90X Classic” is the standard way to go about the P90X program. Each of the 13 weeks of workouts are laid out in 3 phases. Each progressive phase adds more cardio often (but not every day) includes 2 exercise sessions per day.

P90X Doubles
This way of performing the 90-day P90X program is designed for those who want to focus more on cardiovascular performance and weight loss. The format is similar to the P90X classic although there are subtle changes and more cardio.

P90X Lean
The final way of performing the P90X is a “less intensive” version designed for those who want to do more cardio to achieve “maximum weight loss”. The P90X lean way of completing the P90X has far less weight training than the two previous versions.

Workout Descriptions
The next section of the P90X guidebook provides descriptions for each of the 12 different workouts. The workouts include, chest & back, plyometrics, shoulders and arms, yoga X, legs & back, Kenpo X, X stretch, core synergistics, chest-shoulders-&-triceps, back & biceps, cardio X and finally Ab Ripper X.

P90X Workout Journal
The last 5 pages of the P90X guide is a journal which includes an entry for entering the reps and weight (if applicable) of each exercise you perform during the entire 12 weeks of the P90X extreme fitness program.

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