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P90X Gear – Essentials & Optional Gear

P90X workout Program contents

The P90X workout program is one of the very best workout video series ever produced. Along with essential gear that usually is included in the main P90X package – paperback guides and DVDs there is a lot of P90X accessories which can be used during the workouts.

In addition to the fitness equipment required for the workouts, many people who participate in P90X enjoy it so much they want some P90X gear to show off their results from the 90-day extreme fitness body transformation program.

Essential P90X Gear

The essential gear for the P90X comes with a legitimate purchase and includes a fitness guide, nutrition guide, poster and of course the 13 DVDs.

If you lose any of the essential P90X gear you can order new copies straight from Beachbody or you may also may be able to find the P90X nutrition plan PDF or P90X fitness guide PDF file somewhere online.

Online VendorEssential P90X Gear Price ComparisonPrice
Amazon.comP90X Fitness Guide – Book Only$19.99
P90X Nutrition Plan: Eating for Power Performance$18.99
P90X Plus by Tony Horton (4 DVD’s)$69.85
P90X Extreme Home Fitness – Set of 13 DVDs, Calendar, Fitness Guide, Nutrition Guide, & Workout Log$139.80
P90X Peak Results Package$299

P90x shirtP90X Gear for Workouts – Fitness Equipment

Beachbody offers the fitness equipment used in the P90X workouts. While certain equipment such as dumbbells, push-up stands and a pull-up bar is required for the workouts there are substitutes. You can buy gear from Beachbody or buy similar products online and possibly save money.

P90x VitaminsP90X Supplements

The P90X program is very intense and Beachbody has created dietary supplements and Shakeology which are designed to help you recover from the intense and frequent extreme fitness workouts. While the Beachbody supplements may not be reinventing the wheel as far as supplements go, they can be beneficial for anyone doing the P90X program.

If you think the Beachbody brand P90X Supplements are not what you’re looking for you can look at the: AskTheTrainer Supplement Reviews

Alternatives to P90X Brand Gear

Aside from the essential gear for the P90X which most people will get when they buy the complete program, there are alternatives for almost everything offered by Beachbody.

Some may consider the Beachbody brand P90X gear to be a little expensive so searching online for comparable products is a must if you want to save some money.

Learn more about Beachbody P90X with Tony Horton

More Gear to use for your P90X Extreme Fitness Workouts

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Read about the best pair of adjustable dumbbells on the market. These adjustable weight dumbbells will allow you to easily and quickly change the amount of weight for the P90X rapid transitions from exercise to exercise.

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