If You Aren’t Making Your Own THC E Liquid, Here’s What You’re Missing

Wax Liquidizer e juiceInstead of trying to convince you to make your own THC e liquid, let’s mix things up and go negative. If you stubbornly refuse to try this method, here’s what you’re exposing yourself to. It’s not a hard sell or even an endorsement of a product in particular, it’s a public service announcement for cannabis fans everywhere.

If You Don’t Make Your Own THC E Liquid, You Have No Flavor Choices

Unless you make your own cannabis vape juice with a product called a liquidizer, you’re at the mercy of the pre-filled vape cartridge companies. Newsflash, vapers, they’re selling you concentrate-infused mixing solution anyway. They’re just upselling you up to six times as much for what equates to under 5 minutes of your time.

The first thing you sacrifice is flavor. The leading liquidizer companies offer many flavors of mixing solution, including unflavored liquidizers. Other popular flavors include mango, blueberry, pineapple, strawberry and mint to name a few.

You’re lucky to get a couple of choices going the pre-filled vape cartridge route.

By the way, Wax Liquidizer isn’t the only company making this kind of product, but they have the best reputation and accessibility. They’re also the most transparent, both with mixing instructions and about the product itself.

If You Don’t Make Your Own THC E Liquid, You’re Bleeding Money

It’s so important it gets its own section, even though we already mentioned it. Pre-filled carts cost around $35 for .5ml in volume. Most cannabis users can access a gram of concentrate for around the same price.

With just 2 ml of liquidizer, you transform that gram of wax into SIX of those pre-filled carts. That means if you refuse to even try this, you’re watching your hard earned cash go up in literal water vapor.

Are you made of money? We didn’t think so.

If You Don’t Make Your Own THC E Liquid, You’re Greasing The Middle Man

Buying pre-filled vape carts is like paying someone to tie your shoes for you. It’s an easy task that you’re outsourcing purly because you don’t understand your options. Making your own THC E Liquid is just like driving to the store instead of taking a cab.

You wouldn’t pay someone to roll up your flower for you, so why pay them to load your carts for you?

If You Don’t Make Your Own THC E Liquid, You’re Suffering From Lousy Equipment

The beauty of making your own vape juice is that you can choose the vape. If you want to keep it simple, there are pod systems and disposable carts you can fill yourself. If you want to graduate to the luxury vaping experience, try a sub-ohm that hits like a train.

There are a number of options in between, but most allow temperature control. Many let you dial the air flow up or down to change the resistance of the hit. Most hold a lot more juice than pre-filled carts. That means you can vape longer on a single tank.

Basically, it’s all about choice here, yet again.

If You Don’t Make Your Own THC E Liquid, You’ll Run To The Dispensary Twice As Often

Ok so you probably still have to go buy your concentrates, but you can buy those in bulk and mix up batches of juice to keep on hand. High-quality liquidizers make stable mixes that don’t separate so you can make large batches at once. Store it in a small container and drip that into your tank whenever you need a refill.

This could save you a lot of running back and forth when you realize you’re out of carts right before an event or even a Sunday morning.

Whether the dispensary is open or not, if you have concentrate, you can start vaping with a liquidizer.

More Information About DIY THC E Liquid

THC e liquid is a combination of mixing solution and cannabis concentrate, just like you find in pre-filled cartridges. The concentrate could be shatter, wax, crumble, isolate, or even a high CBD form of any of these.

We hear you saying, but isn’t this going to dilute my wax? Yes, a little, but that’s the price you pay for the convenience to vape anytime, anywhere. And remember, the carts you’re buying are also diluted. There is no difference except cost.

Also, remember that this way, you can vape six times as much for the same price. So even if your mix is a little weaker than a rip off a dab rig, it’s still pretty sweet. In fact, if you opt for an RDA setup or sub-ohm mod, you can often make a thicker mix. More about that later.

Why is the mixing solution necessary? Because standard vape mods are not designed for cannabis concentrates, thinning the concentrate is crucial.

Learn To Make THC Vape Juice

Want to know how to do it? It’s so simple!

You need to begin with a 2:1 ratio of liquidizer to concentrate, but you can play with this later to fine-tune your experience. It depends on how this ratio performs in your vape.

Want a stronger mix and have a vape that can handle it? Try a 1:1 ratio next time. The opposite is true as well, you can thin down to a 3:1 ratio for a milder juice.

Add your liquidizer to your concentrate and heat it up. Many use the microwave, but you can also use heat transfer from a double boiler setup on the stovetop. Hot water baths will also do the trick. If you’re in a pinch, you can even use something like a hairdryer. Anything that warms the mix up without releasing all of the cannabinoids will work.

You’ll find manufacturer instructions on the websites of the most popular liquidizer companies.

What Are You Waiting For?

You only live once but you’ll vape for years. Why not at least try something new that’s tasty, economical, and better for your health than smoking?

If you absolutely hate it, you’re only out about the cost of a pre-filled cart anyway. Chances are, you’ll love making your own juice and it will soon become a way of life.

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