Running for Weight Loss

Beginning a Weight Loss Running Program

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Embarking on a weight loss running program is the best approach for losing those pounds and keeping them off for good. According to many studies, running burns mad calories, boosts metabolism levels, prevents cardiovascular problems, and will help you get into the best shape of your life. Not only that, the sport’s inclusiveness is part of its appeal; all you need is a couple of decent shoes and off you go!

Therefore, if you’re looking to shed some pounds, here are a few running beginner’s guidelines that can help you achieve your weight loss goals without risking injury or disappointment.

Key Weight Loss Tips & Recommendations for Runners

Set Goals

First of all you need to set goals. Clear and measurable goal pave the way toward greater fitness results. If you don’t set a target to aim for, then you’ll definitely get either bored, confused or both, which can spell disaster on your new fitness resolution. Therefore, before you head out of the door, grab a piece of decide on your goals. Choose a realistic goal which will allow to gradually build your fitness foundation.

Expect Discomfort

First-run horror scenarios are prevalent, but avoidable. In fact, if you’re a new comer to the sport of running, then expect discomfort during the run and some muscle soreness and fatigue afterwards. Nevertheless, you could curb the pain and post-run agony by taking ample walking breaks and keeping your running pace slow. In other words, you need to follow the walk-run-walk program


The walk-run-walk training recipe is the ideal training approach for increasing cardio power without running the risk of injury or overtraining syndrome. This training method lets you control your breath and protects your muscles and joints from any unnecessary damage. As a beginner, you need to adjust the length and intensity of each interval according to your own needs and training goals. Start off with a 30-second run, interspersed with one-minute walking for recovery. And as you get stronger, aim to increase the time spent running and take less for recovery.

Eat Right

the importanct of nutritionThe mechanics of weight loss are no secret. It’s all about creating an energy deficit, meaning that you burn off more calories than you take it. That’s it. But when it comes to keeping your body on the run, proper fuel is critical for weight loss and performance. Therefore, you should never sacrifice performance for weight loss as doing so can spell disaster on your weight loss efforts and over-all health levels.

To make sure you’re keeping your body well fueled while dropping the pounds, do the following:

  • Timing is key. Keeping your body well fueled is matter of when. Pre-run meals should be eaten 2 to 3 hours prior to the workout to allow your body time to digest and absorb the energy. During the recovery window – the hour following a run – aim for a combination of carbohydrates and protein to replenish lost energy and boost muscle repair.
  • Eat your protein. Protein is key to muscle repair and proper recovery, but according to a joint study by the Cambridge University and the University Of Sydney, eating protein with every meal suppressed appetite and helps you ward off unhealthy snacking. The researchers found that the subjects who ate a daily diet consisting of 15 percent of protein consumed 1036 less calories over four days than those whose diet was 10 percent protein.
  • Keep track. Using a food diary on a daily basis helps you highlight problem areas in your daily intake. For the most of the time, it’s those unconscious eating habits – such as excess beer or late night snacking – that keeps the pounds piling on.
  • Eat the good fats. Fats have a bad reputation in the fitness circles. But they’re not all created equal. What you need to avoid are the bad fats – saturated animal fats found in butter, cheese and dairy products. On the other hand, make sure to eat plenty of the good fats – mainly found in nuts, plants, oily fish and sunflower.

Final Thoughts

The golden key to success in all areas of life is speed of implementation. Though the above guidelines are effective, what you do next is what matters most. It’s only by taking action, on a consistent basis, that you’ll start achieving your desired weight loss results.

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