5 Signs Your Personal Trainer Isn’t the One For You

personal trainerFive Signs Your Trainer Isn’t Right For You

Working with a personal trainer can be very beneficial to helping you reach your fitness goals, however, not every trainer is for everybody. Of course, this doesn’t just swing in one direction as not every client is the perfect fit for every trainer. In this article though, I am going to help you determine whether or not your trainer is the right one for you. If you think it may be time to change trainers, these are 5 tell-tale signs he or she isn’t the right one for you.

5 Red Flags That Your Personal Trainer Isn’t For You

1. They aren’t the right trainer to help you reach your goals

If you’re looking to achieve a specific goal such as competing in a physique competition, hiring a Crossfit trainer probably isn’t the most efficient or optimal way to reach your goal.  However, hiring a Crossfit trainer is perfect if you’re aspiring to compete in the Crossfit games.  No matter what your fitness goals may be, be sure that your trainer is right guy or gal for the job.

2.  Punctuality

It takes absolutely zero skill or knowledge as a trainer to show up on time.  If your trainer doesn’t show up on time, chances are you aren’t high up on their priority list.  In my opinion, this screams I don’t really care about your goals.  If your trainer isn’t courteous enough to show up on time, chances are they won’t go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals and maybe it’s time for a new trainer.

3. Cookie Cutter or Stale Workout Routines

If your workout routine consists of the same 5-8 exercises each training session, it may be time to switch trainers or to notify your trainer you’re in need of a new routine.  Performing the same exercises each session is psychologically boring, and will yield little physical results over time.  If your trainer refuses to switch things up, then it’s probably time for a new trainer.

4.  Physical or Verbal Advancements

Complimenting your results or progress is one thing, but making physical or verbal advancements during a session is unprofessional.  If you find yourself being uncomfortable because your trainer is making verbal or physical advancements towards you, it is definitely time to break up with your trainer.

5.  Poor Communication

Miscommunication or poor communication can lead to conflicts or lack of goal achievements.  Therefore, communication is extremely important in a trainer and client relationship.  The client must be able to express their fitness goals and the trainer must be able to understand what the client aspires to achieve.  If communication between you and your trainer isn’t strong, it may be time to address your issues or change your trainer.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it’s just time for a change. If your trainer isn’t the right type of trainer for your goals, isn’t punctual, provides you with cookie cutter routines, makes you feel uncomfortable with physical or verbal advancements,  and your trainer-client relationship lacks good communication, then it’s time for a new trainer.

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