Studies Reveal You Can Lose Weight Just By Standing

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You probably already know that an excessively sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for your health. There is much research linking obesity and other health conditions like diabetes, and cardiovascular issues to a sedentary lifestyle. Again, several studies including one done in 2017 by researchers from the University of California-San Diego, show that too much sitting my accelerate aging and expose you to a plethora of other health risks.

The average American spends an average of 7 hours seated, which, obviously, isn’t doing any good for their health, particularly for individuals trying to lose weight quickly. Finding the willpower and time to go exercising may at times prove challenging to you because of various reasons, but did you know that just standing could help you lose weight?

You Lose Significant Weight Just By Standing

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A new study has revealed that standing for 6 hours every day instead of sitting can help individuals lose significant weight over time. While standing for 6 hours rather than sitting may seem difficult, especially for individuals with desk jobs, the findings of the new study published in the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology by researchers from Mayo Clinic outlines how standing can be beneficial for your health.

The study led by Mayo Clinic’s Chief of Preventative Cardiology, Prof. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, sought to find out if standing burns a significant amount of calories. Prof. Lopez-Jimenez and his team examined results from 46 different studies done with up to 1,184 participants, 33 years old on average. The average weight of the participants was 65Kg (143.4 pounds).

The researchers found out that standing accounted for more burned calories than sitting. Dr. FarzaneSaeidifard, a cardiologist at Mayo Clinic, said that “Overall, with all available scientific evidence put together, standing results in more burned calories than does sitting.” Specifically, the researchers found, standing led to an average of 0.15 calorie burned each minute. This means that if an individual weighing 65Kg substituted sitting for standing for 6 hours every day, they would burn 54 calories. This amounts to an average of 2.5Kg (5.5 pounds) per year, and over four years, they would have lost 10Kg (22 pounds).

Prof. Lopez-Jimenez said that “besides burning calories, standing also reduces the risks of suffering from diabetes, strokes, and heart attacks.” Therefore, the benefits of standing go beyond weigh control. The energy expenditure while standing might even be more significant than this study found.

Participants in the study were standing still, but in reality, people tend to make movements while standing, which is more physical activity resulting in more calories burned. If you are looking for more no-equipment physical exercises you can do at home to burn fat and calories, http://LifeToLiveIt.comgives you some good examples of bodyweight workout routines.

Standing Helps You Burn a Substantial Amount of Calories

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In another study reported by the BBC, researchers at the University of Chester found out that standing for three hours each day can burn a substantial amount of calories. The study showed that standing for one hour could burn about 50 calories. “While this may not seem significant,” the researchers wrote, “over the year, you can burn 30, 000 calories, which is an equivalent of about 8 pounds.”

In the study, the researchers asked participants to stand for not less than 3 hours five days a week. The participants wore accelerometers, glucose monitors, and heart rate monitors. The scientists then measured the participants’ monitors during the standing days and compared the results with days when the participants sat.

The scientists noticed that standing increased the heart rate of participants by an average of ten beats per minute, resulting in more calorie burn. Again, after eating, the blood glucose levels of the participants returned to normal more quickly.

How to Increase Your Standing Periods Every Day

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So there you go, get off the couch and start burning those extra calories. You can increase your standing periods every day in various ways. For instance, start standing during your every-day morning routine like when brushing and eating breakfast. At work, take some minutes every hour to stand or better still, you could get a standing desk to use at work. You can also prepare meals at home while standing and as the food cooks, you can go for some brisk walk instead of just sitting to watch TV.

Also, consider setting your TV and home computer up higher such that you will be enjoying either one of them while standing. You could use sturdy shelving or boxes, cinder blocks or high counters to prop up the monitors of your TV and computer. Watch TV while, say, ironing or folding laundry. Surf the internet or check your email while standing.


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