The Best Tech for Health Monitoring

Health monitoring technology means that you can track almost anything, including physical activity, sleep, heart-rate and blood-pressure. There are countless products on the market to help you track your health. In this article we’re going to take a look at eleven of our favorite health monitoring devices.

11 Best Health Monitoring Tech

Here are eleven health monitoring devices that are popular with the fitness community and Monitoring your health can vastly improve your fitness game, and the following tech will help you meet and achieve your goals.


The NOKIA BPM+ is a compact wireless blood pressure monitor. It works like most blood pressure monitors in that you slip it on your arm and it contracts to measure your blood pressure, then it send the information to an app on your phone. You then share the information with your doctor and synchronise the information via Bluetooth. It can also provide an accurate reading of your heart rate.

#2. InteraXon Muse: Brain Sensing Headband

It’s well-known that meditation can improve your mental health and quality of life, and that’s what the InteraXon Muse has tapped into. If you’re serious about your meditation, this product is a game-changer. It provides in-depth analysis of your meditation sessions and sends the information to an app so that you can continually progress.

#3. Withings Activité Pop- Activity & Sleep-Tracking Watch

The Withings Activité Pop looks like a normal wristwatch. It has no screen or LEDs, just hour and minute hands and a seperate dial for tracking your activity. You program your daily step goals into the watch, using the app, and the dial moves as you achieve it. It also tracks sleep, running and swimming metrics, a personal favourite from Hunt Digital.

#4. AliveCor EKG Monitor

You can now take a medical-grade EKG reading from anywhere, as long as you have your AliveCor EKG Monitor with you. This amazing technology can be a life-saver for people with health problems, as they can keep a constant track of their condition. It’s now available for the Apple watch and is trusted by cardiologists around the world.

#5. I Health Smart Wireless Gluco-Monitoring System

Monitoring the levels of glucose in your body can be crucial for sufferers of diabetes. That’s why this product is so important. Diabetes sufferers can now monitor their health from anywhere, and keep themselves healthy.

#6. BodyGuardian Heart

For sufferers of heart conditions, it can be pretty scary going from day to day not knowing how your heart health is. The BodyGuardian Heart, with its accurate heart-rate and in depth metrics, provide some piece of mind. It is designed around the patient and alerts the user of symptoms they need to get checked out.

#7. Pebble Time

This smartwatch wasn’t designed solely to monitor health, it’s got loads of great features like messaging, alarms and event notification as well. Having said that, it does prove to be a pretty useful bit of tech for health monitoring. You can tracks your steps, distance, active time, and calories burned and, unlike most of the products mentioned here, view your results immediately without using another device.

#8. Android Sleep App – Sleep As Android

A good night’s sleep is super important to your health. Android’s sleep app has improved a lot since it first came out and now provides one of the best sleep monitoring services available. It wakes you up at the best possible time of the morning and records sounds in your sleep, so that it can diagnose illnesses like sleep apnea. If you struggle to sleep well, this app could change your life.

#9. PIP

Stress is a killer. It’s a phrase you hear floating around a lot these days. Tech startup PIP have developed a device that monitors your stress and provides ways that you can reduce it. You press your finger onto the sensor and it measures your electrodermal activity and then sends the information to your connected device.

#10. Viatom Checkme

The Viatom Checkme is one of the most comprehensive health monitors on the market. It measures your temperature, sleep, pulse, activity and heart-rate as well as providing ECG recordings. This product is really for doctors, like Quick Doctor, that are closely monitoring a patient’s health, but it can also be bought for personal use. You strap it to your arm and it records the information, then sends it to the cloud, where you can access it immediately.

#11. GymWatch Fitness Tracker

Most fitness trackers focus on counting steps and monitoring your sleep, but the GymWatch Fitness Tracker is designed with bodybuilders and other weightlifters in mind. You can either wear it on your arm or leg, depending on which muscles you are training, and it tracks the course of movement and measures the muscle tension. This information can let users make crucial changes to their workout routines, to maximize their results. The data is sent to your device via Bluetooth, which will give you another reason to look at your phone in the gym.

The Bottom Line

Heart monitoring tech has come a long way with all the advancements in mobile technology. Some of these devices offer countless features to help you keep track of your physical performance and help you maximize your workout potential. If you’re looking to step up your fitness game, these eleven heart monitoring devices are a great starting point.

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