The Effects of Masturbation on Testosterone: Does It Lower Your T?

The Effects of Masturbation on Testosterone: Does It Lower Your T?Healthy testosterone levels can energize you and boost your libido. It’s the number one hormone that men often crave for. Athletes use a small dosage to improve their performance, while others use it to help with various health issues or improve their sex life.

The great thing about testosterone is that there are many natural ways to boost your levels. Through a healthy diet and exercise, you can increase your testosterone levels to improve your libido. However, there is also a pleasurable way to boost your testosterone level, and that is masturbation.

Masturbating to the point of ejaculation can increase your testosterone levels. According to this article written by Doctor Climax,  masturbation does not affect levels of testosterone in the short term, however, excessive masturbation can reduce the bodies ability to produce testosterone.

The goal is to masturbate, but not too much to the point where your penis gets too sensitive. When the penis is constantly overstimulated, it can lose sensitivity and develop resistance. When that happens, your body will reduce the amount of testosterone levels. This means it’s important not to over do it. After all, it’s the right amount of masturbation that is beneficial for testosterone elevation.

Six Fast Facts About Masturbation and Testosterone

If you are curious about masturbation and testosterone, here are some facts to educate you.

#1. Benefits of Masturbation

Masturbation plays a major role in our lives. In fact, it’s potentially more beneficial and effective than an antidepressant. If you find yourself stressed, depressed, or irritated, masturbation can help alleviate your problem. It will elevate endorphin levels to relieve stress, increased pleasure, reduce sexual tension, lower blood pressure, relaxes you, improve your mood, get better sleep, improve sex life, and elevate your testosterone level.

#2. Benefits of Proper Testosterone Levels

It’s important to have an adequate amount of testosterone in your body. Testosterone is very beneficial because it increases your sex drive, helps you maintain an erection, provides adequate hair on your body, improved energy level, builds muscles, builds bones, and even elevates your mood. Proper testosterone levels also can contribute to a decrease in body fat, and help you sleep at night. This is only a partial list as well, for the benefits of proper testosterone levels are many.

#3. Masturbation and its Impact on Building Muscle

There are two ways that masturbation can help you build strong and lean muscles. First, when you masturbate, you release endorphins that can dilate blood vessels. This will promote blood flow to various areas in your body. When you exercise, more blood will pump through your dilated, elastic blood vessels. This will provide more nutrient and oxygen to promote muscle growth and development. In addition, masturbation can increase testosterone levels which can also assist in muscle building by synthesizing more protein for nourishment. Overall, self-satisfaction in moderation is a healthy activity to promote muscle building and testosterone levels.

#5. How Masturbation Elevates Testosterone

Whenever you masturbate, there are chemical signals that get sent up to your brain. The signals would bind to the receptors in the brain to stimulate the release of testosterone. Testosterone helps increase your libido and erection by promoting endorphin hormones to dilate the blood vessels to increase blood flow to the penile region. Once adequate testosterone has hit your system, you will experience an amazing climax. This is why masturbation or any stroking to the genital areas can have a significant increase in your testosterone levels.

#6. Why Masturbation in Moderation is Key

It’s important not to overdo it. Masturbating once daily is healthy, but spending over 5 hours in your room is not. If you notice that the skin on your penis is getting red, rough, and peeling, then that means it’s time to stop. Constant and obsessive masturbation is not healthy for you. The chemical signals that travel from your genital region to your brain could oversaturate the receptors. This will reduce the sensitivity of your penis, thus, you will develop tolerance. This means that you will have to masturbate longer and harder in order to obtain a weak climax. Not only that, constant masturbation can actually deplete your body of testosterone levels.

The Bottom Line

If you ever feel guilty about masturbating, it’s best not to. Because of all the potential health benefits, it doesn’t hurt to do it whenever you feel a built up. Sometimes, letting it build up can make you feel irritated, depressed, or at the minimum, may leave you with a messy bed in the morning. Masturbation in moderation can help reduce your blood pressure, increase your testosterone levels, reduce stress, decrease depression, reduce tension, and many other benefits.

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