The Most Captivating Storyline From College Basketball’s Off-Season

You have probably heard that the college basketball off-season has officially begun. However, when you think about it, the NCAA schedule is practically never empty. It means that basketball players and the fans of that sport still have a lot to do. Is something actually happening during college basketball off-season? You might be surprised how much.

Is college basketball ever really off?

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Some people may think that during the off-season there is nothing going on in the world of college basketball. The new season will start in November so, at first sight, the summer may seem like a pretty boring time. However, all you need to do is to take a look at the college basketball current schedule to find out that this sport is practically never off. What can you watch before the new season begins?

In July from 6th to 17th everybody was focused on the NBA Summer League. The Championship in Las Vegas always brings a lot of emotions, so I hope that you did not miss it. The fans of college basketball were able to follow many fascinating games also this year.

July is also the time of TBT Regionals, Recruiting Live Periods and Under Armour Association finals. From 27th to 29th everyone will be watching TBT Super 16. In August we can cheer on our favorite teams during TBT finals. Even though there may not be college basketball games today, we see some news and interesting observation about college basketball coming out almost all the time.

The off-season storyline that you cannot miss.

Las Vegas Summer League has been very exciting and full of surprises. Fans of college basketball were using fast essay writing service in order to get their homework done by professionals and have enough time to watch all the games. What is so far the best storyline during this year’s off-season? In my opinion, the great victory of the Trail Blazers.

On July 17th Portland won the game with The Lakers in Summer League Finals. What is so special about this hoops? Let’s admit that the Trail Blazers was considered by many as an underdog. After all, Los Angeles had a team which seemed really powerful. Great players, such as Josh Hart, were supposed to be the guarantee of success. However, the Portland team was the one who did much better at shooting.

As it turned out, the Trail Blazers had no bigger problems with dominating in the game most of the time. The final result was 91-73. The king of the game was, without a doubt, K. J. McDaniels. He earned 7 rebounds and as many as 17 points on 8-of-14 shooting from the field. Such a great performance brought him a title of MVP of the 2018 Las Vegas Summer League. Josh Hart was not able to beat McDaniels. Svi Mykhailiuk also could not bring to Los Angeles team the help which it needed to win. At least not this time.

Portland vs. Los Angeles During the Previous Summer League

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Probably no one doubts now that Portland deserves its hardly-earned title of Summer League Champions. However, I believe it is worth to remind everybody that just about a year ago the Lakers managed to win with the Trail Blazers 110-98.

In that game, incredible Kyle Kuzma was the main hero who earned 30 points for Los Angeles. His friends from the team (among others Alex Caruso and Matt Thomas) also did a great job. Portland was making an effort as well. Caleb Swanigan from the Trail Blazers earned 25 points for his team, but that time it was not enough to win.

The most exciting question now is – what happens if The Lakers will play with Portland again next summer? Which team will be able to earn the title of the next Champion of NBA Summer League? The Trail Blazers, The Lakers or a completely another team? I am sure that the college basketball fans already cannot wait.

What are the predictions for the new season?

We have still some time before the official start of the next season. In spite of that, the fans of college basketball already check where they will be able to stream NCAA basketball. Many people also spend their time reminiscing about some favorite moments from the Las Vegas tournament. Those, who like statistics, are checking the tables with NCAA basketball scores. They try to figure out which team will be the next champion.

What are the most amazing teams according to some of the rankings? Kansas is often mentioned as a great candidate to win. The team is coached by famous Bill Self and have many talented players. It may be surprising for some fans, but a high position in tables also has Duke. As it appears, the team owes some of its good results especially the special freshman trio. Barrett, Reddish, and Williamson showed that they know how to successfully fight on a basketball court.

Which teams are also high in the rankings now? Kentucky, Gonzaga, and Virginia. No matter what, the real fans of college basketball are aware that in sports everything is possible. This is, in fact, the reason why watching the games live is so exciting. Which team will be the next champion, who will be named the best player and what event will make the next best storyline? All we can do know is wait and get ready to cheer on our favorite teams.

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