Top 5 Exercises for Pregnant Women

How-to Keep the Extra Weight at Bay During Pregnancy

Pregnant Woman

If you’re someone who’s in your pregnancy period but still want to maintain your fitness level and prevent additional weight gain, a great way to do so is to perform regular exercise and eat a nutritious diet. Losing weight after pregnancy is another story.

It is however important that you have a firm understanding on which exercises are going to be safe for a pregnant woman to do and which should be avoided.  If you do the wrong exercises while you’re carrying your unborn child, you may very well put the baby at a health risk that you simply cannot ignore.

So which exercises should you be doing if you’re a pregnant woman who wants to keep off unnecessary weight?

Let’s take a look at some of the top ones to consider.

Are You Pregnant? Prevent Unnecessary Weight Gain With These Simple Exercises!

1.) Walking

First things first, on the cardio side of things, you’ll want to incorporate walking into your workout routine as often as possible.

Walking is great because it’s lower impact in nature, won’t cause any bouncing movement for the baby, and is something that you can do almost anywhere and virtually up until you’re just about ready to give birth.

It may not burn as many calories as running, but it’s a far safer option.

2.) Cycling

Next you have cycling.  Cycling is an exercise that’s going to help firm up the lower body and is also low-impact in nature, so is great for any women who are starting to experience lower back pain.

Cycling will help you sustain your cardiovascular fitness level, making sure that you are able to get back to your more intense sessions post-baby with ease.

If you have anxiety about cycling outside the home because of the fear of crashing or falling and potentially hurting your baby, use an exercise bike at your local gym or at home if you have one. Don’t own a cycling machine?  Check one out on sale here:  Exercise Bike Deals

3.) Lunges

Moving along, lunges are the next of the exercises that you should be performing in your workout program.  Lunges are good because they’ll keep the body in an upright position at all times, while still making sure that you are working all the muscles in the lower body.

Lunges are also going to strengthen the core muscles as they stay contracted to keep you fully balanced, so this will be a great way to keep that core strong without performing any additional direct abdominal exercises.

4.) Seated Shoulder Presses

The seated shoulder press exercise is the next movement to include in your workout program.  This exercise will help you maintain strong shoulders as well as biceps and triceps, so is a great well rounded exercise to have in place.

The seated shoulder press will keep you better balanced than the standing one and will ensure that you don’t experience any lower back strain at any point in time either.

Whenever you’re pregnant there is always that greater chance that you do slightly start to arch your back when standing and if you have a weight overhead in this position, it’s not going to be good news as far as your back health goes.

5.) Wall Push-Ups

Finally, the last exercise that you’ll want to include in your workout program is the wall push-up.  Wall push-ups are perfect for building up strong triceps, biceps, chest and shoulder muscles, so will help to work you in a similar manner as if you were doing regular style of push-ups, which are now not a wise plan.

Maintaining good upper body strength is important so that you can carry your baby with ease, so these will fit the bill perfectly.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the top pregnancy exercises that you should be doing to keep yourself strong and feeling your best.  Performing these exercises regularly in conjunction with a nutritious diet will keep you and your baby feeling great, and you’ll minimize unneeded weight gain in the process!

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