Top 5 Fitness Benefits of Water Activities

Top 5 Fitness Benefits of Water ActivitiesExercising in water is one of the best forms of working out that you can embrace. The reason is that besides being a fun activity, water offers buoyancy and resistance that you will not find in regular ground-based exercises.

Water aerobics offer many benefits including strengthening muscles, lowering blood pressure, weight loss, and pain relief. It also offers a calming effect and is generally something you could do for fun in addition to reaping all these benefits.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Adding Water Activities to Your Fitness Routine

Here are five awesome reasons why you should consider water activities as part of your overall fitness plan. Incorporating water activities into your lifestyle will take your fitness game to the next level.

#1. Build stamina and strengthen muscles

In general, aerobics focus largely on muscles like those around your limbs. In the presence of water resistance, you will easily strengthen muscles across the entire body. The force exerted by the water comes in all directions. It pushes your body in all directions and ensures your muscles are put to work simultaneously. This action helps to develop more stamina while it reduces the risk of feeling burnt of it.

#2. Better flexibility and range of motion

Sports like kayaking allow you to explore all the movements you can think of. On land, your body is restricted by effects of gravity and there is also the fear of falling. While in water, you could get rid of these worries to increase your range of motion. This helps you to exert muscles that would otherwise not benefit outside water. Water exercises enhance back and lower body flexibility. This is because as you stretch you are able to overcome a range of motion and mental block.

#3. Relieved from chronic pain

The gentle waves of water that hit against the body offer a massaging effect. This process in effect helps to relieve pain and you can reduce stiffness and soreness. You can heal your lower back by simply doing water aerobics. This is especially recommended for pregnant women who suffer pain in the lower back. But before you start doing water exercises, you need to find the right tools that will ensure your safety. has a collection of some of the most recommended tools you need to stay safe and enjoy your water exercises.

#4. Encourages weight loss

Weight loss is a big topic and you will find a range of suggestions. One of the solutions you could explore that gives positive results is doing water exercises. Aerobic workouts help you to lose weight and are recommended for people fighting obesity. The buoyancy effect allows you to do more than the time you would spend working out on the ground.

#5. Promotes healthy bowel function

Due to the strengthening and toning of muscles that happens while doing aerobic water exercises, you are able to develop your pelvic muscles. This, in turn, prevents incontinence as the movement of stool in the intestines is restricted. It gives you more control over bowel movement and this allows you to go for a call of nature only when you want to. If you are having bowel problems, some water exercises might help to save the situation.

The Bottom Line

Your health can improve significantly by engaging in water exercises. Among other benefits, water exercises will improve your flexibility and could help you build stamina and muscles. It is also important for people suffering from bowel problems and other ailments. Considering the effect of buoyancy, you will find it easier to work out in water too and this means it could be a good exercise for people looking to lose weight.

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