Forearm Exercises: Get BIG Arm & Wrist Muscles with These MUST-KNOW Workouts

Top 5 Five Killer Forearm ExercisesOne of the dreams many people have is to sculpt perfect wrist and forearm muscles. To achieve this, you will want to invest your time in exercises that focus on these areas.

Some of the ideas shared on give you insight into some exercises that will help you develop your wrist and finger flexors. Also, we’re going to look at five awesome forearm exercises here.

Get BIG Arm & Wrist Muscles with These Five Exercises

Below are five awesome forearm exercises that you might want to try out if your goal is to develop killer arms. Large forearm muscles compliment your biceps and triceps in a big way. Give these five a try and let us know what you think in the comments.

#1. Behind-the-Back Cable Curl

For this, attach a D-handle to the pulley of a cable machine then grasp the handle with your left hand. Step away from the machine to create tension on the cable while your arm is drawn behind your body. While on this posture, stagger your feet to bring your leg in front. Slowly curl the handle and make sure not to allow your elbow to face forward.

#2. Dumbbell wrist flexion

This is a simple motion that strengthens your wrist flexors, which are vital in boosting strength and grip. To perform it, begin by sitting on the edge of a bench while holding a dumbbell in the right hand. Place the arm on your right thigh. The back of your wrist should lie on your kneecap. With the arm in a fixed position, only moving your hand, lower the dumbbell and ensure to maintain a tight grip. Curl the dumbbell towards the bicep then lower it back to a neutral position. Repeat the process until fatigued then switch arms.

#3. Pull-up bar hang

The pull-up bar hang is a bodyweight exercise structured to help you develop your finger flexors and wrist. It’s a perfect introduction to tackling scapular pull-ups. To perform the exercise, use a pull-up bar. Grab it with your palms facing forward and hang at arm’s length for a duration of 30 seconds. Cross your ankles behind while hanging. Repeat several times.

#4. Towel pull-ups

You can build thick arms and a strong grip with pull-ups. Instead of a bar, you could use a towel, which concentrates the work to your forearms. Wrap the towel on a pullup bar and grab it in each hand. Do pull-ups and keep your chest up with your shoulders down while rising. If this proves challenging at first, you could do it by grabbing the towel on one hand while the other gets support from the pull bar. Alternate sides to train both arms.

#5. Plate curls

Next idea you could explore is to perform exercises that help to increase the strength of your fingers. You can achieve this grip by using weights in varying positions. In place of bicep curl with a dumbbell, you could use a weight plate, which you should grab by its ends. Perform 5 – 6 sets of about 7 reps and if you can do more try heavier plates.

The Bottom Line

Training your forearms is a good idea that will help you to achieve strength and also improve grip. There are many exercises that you could do that will build stronger forearms. Some of the easiest that you could try include plate curls, towel pull-ups, towel pull-ups, and dumbbell wrist flexion. These exercises don’t require a lot of action and will benefit your forearms if included in your workout program.

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