Top 5 Reasons To BOSU

BOSU Inventor & Personal Trainer David Weck Talks BOSU!

The Top 5 Reasons To BOSU

#5:  Totally Unique Training Experience

The BOSU® ball dome side up provides a unique “stable – unstable” training surface unlike any other device that provides your body with constant and ever changing challenge whether you are a beginner or an elite level athlete.

Standing atop the BOSU® dome you instantly become aware of your body’s subtle (or not so subtle) postural adjustments and reflexive reactions to imbalance. The uniquely “stable – unstable” surface enables you to train to your personal point of challenge and progress without incurring excessive risk. Training atop the BOSU® ball enhances your mind/body connection from your feet and ankles to the top of your head. You quickly learn to release unnecessary tension and apply force through your body with finer precision and greater reactivity.

The “stable – unstable” dome surface can be engaged dynamically like a trampoline, which teaches you to control your body from your center while providing an excellent workout with direct carryover to enhanced performance in sports and daily life.



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#4:  Confidence

Balance is the foundation from which everything else is built.

Better balance, body control, awareness, and the ability to react appropriately with precision to ever changing situations builds a deep sense of physical confidence.

Training with the BOSU® ball develops balance and greater physical confidence that can increase confidence in other areas of life and open you up to new and exciting experiences and opportunities.



 #3:  Core Strength & StabilityCore muscle anatomy

True Strength and Stability emanates from your center and must be fluid, relaxed, and capable of yielding while maintaining structural integrity as well as being strong and powerful.

The BOSU® ball helps develop “smart integrated strength” that is not stiff, rigid, or uncoordinated. You can set up exercises to build incredible core strength that you can moderate and control according to the demands of a given stimulus.

Training with the BOSU® ball enhances your body’s relationship with gravity enabling you to conserve energy and optimize your ability to express force where and when you want.



#2:  Body Transformation with Enhanced Function

The BOSU® ball is an incredibly versatile training tool for targeting and training specific body parts and/or integrating all of your muscles to work together as one unit.

Sequencing exercises properly enables you to focus on and strengthen weak areas and then integrate all the pieces together for better results faster.

You can use the BOSU®ball in so many different ways (both dome side up & dome side down) to create excellent results. Not only does your body look better, it functions better too.



#1:  Fun!smiling face

The universal response for someone stepping onto a BOSU® ball for the first time is invariably a smile. Your body instantly begins to learn something and learning for real is fun.

Kids absolutely love the BOSU® ball. No other training device enables you to bounce your way to better balance and fitness like a BOSU® ball.

The balance challenge is very real and forces you to engage in the here and now. For many people this is a very refreshing break from mundane exercise and ordinary hustle bustle of everyday life.


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David Weck is the inventor of the BOSU Balance Trainer, an avid personal trainer and fitness guru. You can learn more about David Weck at the official BOSU website.

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