Top 5 Weight Loss Exercises for Women to Burn Fat

woman who lost weightEffective Fat Loss Exercises for Women

If you’re a woman who has weight loss on the agenda, it’s important that you take some time to learn the most effective weight training exercises for weight loss. These exercises should ideally be included in your workout plan.

Sadly, far too many women go about their workouts performing the wrong exercises over and over again and then fail to see results for their efforts.

If you want to achieve optimal success, it’s a must that you’re choosing wisely.  Let’s look at five great weight loss efforts that you should be considering performing.

Five Great Weight Loss Exercises for Women

1.) Jump Roping

woman jump ropingThe first great exercise to be doing is jump roping.  Jump roping is nice since it’s going to work both the upper as well as the lower body and get your heart rate up at the same time. If you want to burn calories quickly, it’s an absolute must that you are doing some form of intense training in your workouts.

Skipping is going to fit the bill perfectly.  Skipping can be just as effective for fat loss purposes as running is, so if you’re not a runner, this should be your go-to cardio choice.

2.) Sprinting

woman sprintingNext, sprinting is the next exercise that you’ll want to have in place in your program plan.  Sprinting is going to really help to accelerate your metabolic rate for hours after the workout is over, so you’ll burn more calories 24/7.

Plus, sprinting offers more fitness benefits than any other form of cardio exercise you could be doing, so is highly beneficial for that reason as well.

Aim to make your sprints 30-60 seconds to get the best benefits from them.

3.) Burpees

burpeesAnother great full body movement that will also help to boost your strength as well is the burpee.  Burpees are great for working both the upper as well as the lower body and will add a plyometric element to them as well.

Burpees are going to help to strengthen the core as you lower yourself down to the ground and back up again, so are going to be ideal for firming your stomach quickly.

Do these between the sets of your usual workout program if you want to incorporate a cardio element into things.

4.) Heavy Squats

woman performing squatWhen you’re aiming for fat loss, you might think that you should be turning towards higher rep, lighter weight exercises. This, however, isn’t always the case.

You still want to maintain your lean muscle mass while dieting as this is what keeps your metabolism stronger over time.  Heavy squats are going to do just that.  They’ll make sure that you don’t lose an ounce of muscle off your lower body, which are the greatest and most powerful muscles overall.

When doing heavy squats, keep your rep range down to around 6-8 reps to ensure that you are working in a manner that does allow you to lift as heavy as you should.

5.) Push-Ups

woman performing push upFinally, add some push-ups into your program.  Push-ups are a great exercise for working the entire upper body and will also challenge the core as well, so they are ideal for building strength and burning fat at the same time. The push-up in my opinion is one of the very best upper body exercises because they work your chest muscles, which happen to be one of your largest muscle groups. The larger the muscle worked, the more calories your body burns. Push-ups are also a very fun exercise and there are different variations that can be utilized to keep things interesting.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, five of the best fat burning exercises to add to your weight loss workout program. Are you missing out on any of these?  If you are looking to lose weight fast and get in great shape, you’ll definitely want to add these top five recommended weight loss exercises to your daily workout routine.

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Shannon holds a degree in Exercise Science and is a certified personal trainer and fitness writer with over 10 years of industry experience.

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