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Personal Training Services

Are you looking to lose weight? Gain strength, tone up, or build muscle mass? Improve your posture, cardiovascular health, and quality of life? I can help with that! I offer private and small-group training sessions throughout the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon. I have experience helping women and men of all ages from teens to seniors work toward their fitness goals.

An Individualized Approach to Fitness

I honor the fact that no two people are the same and I believe in a training approach that is custom-tailored to fit your unique needs, goals, and preferences. When you train with me, you will receive an individualized workout program I have designed just for you based on various fitness assessments as well as an open and ongoing conversation with you. Your program will include aspects of strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, core training, flexibility, and more to provide you with a balanced and integrated fitness schedule. I will teach you exactly which exercises to perform, how to perform them safely and effectively, as well as when to do them and how many times per week to work out for optimal results. I want you to fully understand each exercise and its place in your program so you’re never left in the dark.

Personal Training Session Options

I can work with you to find training options that fit your budget, schedule, and lifestyle. We can work together as much as several times per week if you like to have assistance, instruction, and motivation during your exercise sessions. If budget or schedule is a concern, we can work together as little as twice a month to get you set up with a monthly training program that will keep you progressing toward your fitness goals. Early morning and evening sessions are available as well as sessions throughout the work day.

Fitness Assessments

Training with me will always begin with fitness assessments based on the practical application of exercise science. This is how I determine what exercises are best suited to your needs and goals. We will look into your cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, body composition, and static and dynamic posture so I can design a safe and efficient exercise program for you. Assessment results are also a great way to set a personal benchmark for improvement. We will revisit the assessments during the course of our time together to track your progress.

Group Fitness Classes with Mae

Group fitness classes are an affordable, fun, and motivating way to achieve a wide variety of fitness goals. I love teaching a variety of group fitness classes to people of all ages, including Zumba, Zumba Gold, Cardio Fitness, Core & Cardio, and Cardio Bootcamp. I teach at Southern Oregon University, Ashland Tennis & Fitness Club, and Medford Snap Fitness. If you’re interested in trying a class with me, contact me for class times and locations as well as your FREE guest pass!

Training Locations

My current training locations are the Ashland Tennis and Fitness Club, Ashland Anytime Fitness, Ashland Snap Fitness, and Medford Snap Fitness. When local weather permits, I also offer creative outdoor training sessions for individuals and small groups. I can teach you ways to use your own body and the world around you as your gym if you don’t want to rely on a gym membership to get in great shape.

Getting in Touch

Please contact me today by phone or email if you have questions about training with me. I would love the chance to have a conversation with you about how I can help you gain strength, lose weight, and feel great! Together, we can accomplish amazing things!

If you’re not local to Southern Oregon, feel free ask me any questions you have about fitness via email; if I don’t know the answer, I will do my best to direct you toward the resources you need.

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