Understanding Fat Burning for Better Results

Understanding Fat Burning for Better ResultsToday, almost everyone seems to be interested in nothing more than to be lean. Some spend years trying to get rid of their extra fat, but nothing seems to work. The one question that lingers on most people’s mind is what could I possibly be doing wrong?

Chances are, you are doing everything right after all, you do exactly what you are told time and time again. The problem is the information you receive from the “experts” is often based on nothing but complicated research, most of which has nothing to do with what you need to accomplish.

To lose weight you have to be in your fat burning zone, but have you ever asked yourself what that means exactly?

Understanding the Fat Burning Zone

The fat burning zone on your cardio machine chart is supposed to tell you the kind of intensity at which you would need to exercise your body to burn fat. It is based on the concept that your body burns more fat at lower aerobic exercise than higher intensity.

What many experts fail to tell you is that fat burning has nothing to do with the loss of fat. During low intensity, that is less than 50% VO max; fat is the preferred fuel. So yes, it is true that your body will be using more fat as fuel during a low-intensity workout, but this also means that you will be burning calories at a much slower rate.

Essentially, to have an effective loss of body fat, there must be a negative balance for weeks or months or even years. So, working out in an hour then sitting on an office chair for the rest of the day will not give you the results you need. To simply put it, the fat burning zone will not be your answer to losing fat.

Excess Post-Exercise Consumption (EOPC)

The human body uses more energy after a workout more than before the workout. Besides, it expends more calories when on recovery from exercise than before. This is one of the reasons, a list of pre workout supplements that burn fat can go a long way to give you the energy needed to exercise.

Primarily, the extra oxygen used when the body is restoring to its resting state is known as EOPC. High intensity and longer duration tend to elicit more EPOC response. In other words, the higher the intensity, the more the duration of EPOC. Essentially, this means your metabolism will be improved allowing you to work out for shorter duration and still get amazing results.

Food Choices Make a Significant Difference

A total fat loss is best achieved by burning off more calories. This means you need to be conscious of what you eat every day especially if you already have high levels of body fat. If you have trying to lose those body fats without success, then it is more likely that you are overeating.

In Conclusion

When you up your workout intensity, you will burn more fat, if not more, then in less time. Do not underestimate the effect of EPOC, it may be a minor factor in your calories expenditure, but it determines how you are burning fat for the rest of the day. Remember to monitor your food intake; it is a fundamental aspect of your overall fat loss goal.

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