Why WellnessLiving is Attracting More Attention From Business Owners

What is WellnessLiving?

When you first launched your fitness studio, it was obvious that the right software platform would make operating the business a lot easier. Perhaps you selected a product like MindBody and found it to be one of the better choices at the time. Now you are hearing a lot about a different business software program called WellnessLiving. Is it time to make the switch? Customers who have done so find that the newer software provides them with all the benefits of the older one, plus some additional tools they can put to good use. Here is what those customers are saying when it comes to making the switch.

Saying Goodbye to Add-Ons

One of the things that first draws attention to WellnessLiving is the fact that so many features they use come built directly into the software package. Unlike their previous experience with MindBody, there is no need to invest in add-ons so they can expand the way they use the software. Since those features are already integrated, there is no need to buy more access and download the add-ons. In the long run, this saves money and also helps to make the process of using the software for multiple aspects of the business simpler.

Dealing with Loading Problems

Some clients found that they experienced difficulty logging into their accounts from time to time. While it was a minor inconvenience, it did mean delaying the completion of some tasks. That didn’t do much for productivity around the office.

The nice thing about clients mindbodyonline switching to WellnessLiving is that they don’t experience this same type of problem frequently. It is possible to get in, create new customer records, update older ones, and manage all their tasks without any delays. That certainly helps to make the work day more productive.

Taking Better Care of Clients

Even in the days before business software was in common use among small business owners, keeping up to date records was essential to making sure customers were happy. Any software that eliminates steps and streamlines the process of capturing and saving customer data like updates to profiles or tracking payment information is a good thing. When it also reduces mindbody login page problems like freezing or failing to load, that’s all the better.

One of the strengths of WellnessLiving is how entering data once populates through all the other areas of the program. There is no need to enter updates in one part of the program then go to a different screen to update that same information in another part. When you update once, you’re done. That leaves more time for actual interaction with clients.

The Bottom Line

Why settle for a program that is good but could be better when you can go with one that is truly everything you could want? Whether you are using MindBody or some other business software right now, learn more about how it compares to the versatility and efficiency of WellnessLiving. It won’t take long to see several ways you can make use of the features and enhance everything from your communications with customers to reaching out to others who would benefit from joining your gym or fitness center.

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