Why I Prefer To Use An E-cig

E-cigs are quickly becoming an alternative to smoking cigarettes. According to the 2014 US Surgeon General Report, also shared by Cancer Facts & Figures, 1 in 5 deaths in the United States were attributed to tobacco use, which comes to about 480,000 lives lost every year.

Looking at the dangers of smoking, many people would consider an alternative that is less punitive. What comes to mind when you think along those lines is vaping.

Five Benefits of using E-cigs

There are many benefits of using e-cigs that you need to know about that could convince you that it is better than smoking. Here are five of the top benefits.

#1. E-cigs Can Help You Break Addictions

Nicotine is an addictive chemical found in tobacco that is blamed for the attachment of smokers to cigarettes.

Many people who have tried to break away from smoking failed due to the strong pull of nicotine that triggers them to continue smoking.

With e-cigs, you can still use nicotine in controlled amounts, only that in this case, despite getting hooked to vaping you will not be exposing your health to tar and other elements in tobacco that cause diseases like cancer.

Using e-cigs could allow you to shield your health against the dangers of smoking, yet you will be enjoying the same experience as someone smoking a real cigarette.

#2. E-cigs Give You More Freedom

You can vape anywhere, including in your office, in restaurants, and in your hotel room. Many people near you will not be disturbed when you vape because you don’t release smoke to the environment.

There is no fear of harassment as would be the case, while smoking, and complaints will also be fewer and you will save yourself from arrests.

E-cigs produce vapor only and are completely smokeless. The aroma of traditional cigarettes is irritating to many people, but using these smokeless devices you can vape with confidence and not cause inconvenience to other people.

#3. E-gigs Give You Various Flavor Experiences

If you have been vaping, then you will agree that you have access to a variety of flavors compared to smoking. You can choose the kind of flavor you like depending on the experience you would like to enjoy.

Currently, there are more than 30 flavors from which you can choose your e-liquids, and these include strawberry, tobacco, banana, and mint, to mention a few.

#4. E-gigs Are Less a Fire Risk

No combustion process is involved in vaping as the device heats an e-liquid to form a vapor. Smokers need lighters to smoke their cigarettes and in the wrong hands these lighters can be a fire hazard.

Your fingers could get burnt and you also have to acknowledge that many fires have been caused by traditional cigarettes either from carelessness or accident.

#5. E-gigs Can Give You An Odor-free Experience

One more reason you might find e-cigs more appealing is the fact your experience is odor-free. The odor you get from smoking sticks to your clothes and could be annoying when you are in public.

If someone does not see that you are vaping, they cannot find out by their sense of smell. Vaping won’t leave any smell on your hands, as would be the case while smoking.

The Bottom Line

Vaping comes with a host of benefits that could convince a smoker to buy one of the top electronic cigarettes. It is clean and you are not left with a stench that would indicate you were vaping. You will also love the fact that there is a wide variety of flavors that you can choose from and the e-cig allows you to adjust nicotine levels.

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