Williamson Wellness Center

When it comes to fitness, it’s no exaggeration to say that Wendy Williamson, PhD has some experience. Not only has she written and authored many articles, but for years, Dr. Williamson has spoken and consulted to hundreds of fitness professionals in North America. In 2012, she was recognized by the Wichita Business Journal as a Health Care Hero in the community. In 2005-2006, Dr. Williamson was selected by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as one of the top three personal trainers in the U.S.

Dr. Williamson’s expertise and credentials are respected not only by those within the fitness industry, but also by healthcare professionals. She routinely consults with physical therapists, physicians and surgeon specialists. Her track record as both corporate trainer and developer of health education curricula for schools and universities attests to her unique communication-and-people skills.

Dr. Williamson opened Williamson Wellness Center (WWC) in July 2012. It is a private studio for all people, especially those recovering from injury and illness and those who have experienced musculo-skeletal issues, orthopedic issues (knee/hip replacement), neurological conditions (MS, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, etc.) and all that surrounds low back pain (sciatica, too).

Recently, WWC has facilitated two research studies with the Physician Assistant and Physical Therapy Departments at Wichita State University. In addition, she is a clinical rotation for the Physician Assistant program. During this time, students come to WWC and shadow Dr. Williamson while she attends to clients. Dr. Williamson has had several opportunities to present to the KU-Wichita Orthopedic Residents.

Upon entry to WWC, full medical history and assessments will be conducted. Specific and personal screens and initial testing are selected for each individual client and what they present. Medical releases will be required from medical professionals when deemed necessary. However, WWC often received direct referrals from the medical community.

Private and small group training are offered by Dr. Williamson and her staff. In addition, ongoing group classes include:   Parkinson’s Disease and Exercise Support, and Be Balanced. Other classes can be created and facilitated based upon requests. Massage therapy is available by appointment by one of the most experienced and talented therapists in the region: Betty Turner. Scheduling for assessments, training, and massage is available by calling 316-295-4366.

WWC website (www.williamsonwc.com) shares many of the articles, presentations, etc. by Dr. Williamson. Recently, she wrote two articles for the magazine Greater Kansas MD News, December/January 2014 and February/March 2014. Article titles included: Moving forward together, and Pre-habilitation: Moving toward better health.

Dr. Williamson’s philosophy regarding exercise and pre- and post rehabilitation therapy can be summarized as follows: “Our bodies were meant to move. Regardless of the injury or illness, the human body often needs to be reminded how to correctly move in order to be the most effective machine for us. Often, compensation takes place due to a dysfunction. When the mind and the body are synchronized, strengthened, and mobility restored, the human body can function pain free and with fluency. I am deeply passionate and committed to finding that balance to help others through corrective exercise. While not everyone will achieve 100% functionality that we see, most will improve. ”


Dr. Williamson has over 18 years of experience of personal training, and 24 years of teaching heal health and physical education including years at three colleges, writing curricula, and coaching basketball and track. She had two undergraduate degrees (health and physical education) from Emporia State University; masters in Health Science from Wichita State University; and PhD from Oklahoma State University.


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