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Ever questioned the whole issue of women and bodybuilding? More and more women are starting to get involved in the activity of weight lifting but often shy away from anything perceived to be women’s bodybuilding as they just don’t think this is the look they’re trying to create or they are afraid that they are going to get bulky. The truth is, this is far from the case.

The fear of getting bulky will often make women slow their routines or use small weights, thus decreasing the results they get from working out.

By clearing up some of the biggest myths surrounding women’s bodybuilding, you can get it straight in your mind what all weight lifting has to offer and help clearly see why this is an activity you must be working hard at.

Let’s take a look at some of the top women’s bodybuilding myths so we can clear things up for you.

Women Will easily Build Gigantic Muscles

The first of the women and bodybuilding myths that tends to float around is that as soon as you start ‘bodybuilding’ or doing any type of weight lifting activity, you will start to develop large bulky muscles.Huge Female Bodybuilder

This, however, couldn’t be furthest from the truth. What you should know here is that any women who you do see who have larger muscles have spent years of their life working incredibly hard to build this up and have used very high calorie diets in order to do so.

If you look at the average woman who’s going to the gym three to four times per week and if anything is using a lower calorie diet, this just isn’t going to happen.

Plus, females naturally do not have the testosterone levels in their body, which is the primary muscle building hormone that males have to a large degree to develop this type of size.

Those women who are abnormally large and very muscular are often supplementing with testosterone in order to achieve this – something that you obviously aren’t going to do.

Women Will Lose Breast Tissue

The second of the bodybuilding and women myths that must be cleared up is that if you start weight lifting, you will lose your breast tissue.

What you must know here is the fact that breast tissue is largely fat mass. So, what really causes breast tissue to be lost is a decrease in body fat, not the fact that you’re working the muscles underneath the fat.

In fact, doing chest exercises regularly will help to boost your cleavage, so if anything you look better. It’s only when you go on an intense diet and aim to get down to very lean body fat levels that you’ll start to notice your breast shape and fullness changing.

Face Shape May Change

Moving on, another women’s bodybuilding myth to know about is regarding the thinking that your face structure may change. Many females look at the women in bodybuilding and note that their face does look different and definitely decide they don’t want this for themselves.

Here, remember that how your face looks does change as you lose lots of body fat – again, fatty tissue is stored in the face so very lean individuals will look more gaunt-like, but then also note that those females who have hard jaw lines are also the same ones adding extra testosterone to their body.

This will cause them to take on many male traits, hence why you see the change taking place. This again is not something that you need to worry about.

Built Muscle Will Turn To Fat

Finally, the last bodybuilding myth all you ladies should know about is the myth that after you build muscle, if you stop weight lifting it will turn to body fat. This couldn’t be furthest from the truth. You cannot change one tissue to another form of tissue so just like you can’t convert fat to muscle, you won’t convert muscle to fat.

In fact, your muscle mass will help to prevent fat gain because it will cause your metabolism to be higher overall.

What will occur if you stop weight training is you may begin to lose lean muscle mass and as you do your metabolism may slow down, so this occurrence could be what causes you to start to see fat gains. Muscle will never be converted directly into fat mass, however.

So there you have it, the top women’s bodybuilding myths to remember. Hopefully by reading through these you have come to realize that building muscle will only boost your progress and keep you leaner, rather than becoming more fearful of picking up those weights and performing this activity.

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