Women and Fat Loss

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Fat Loss Quick Tips for Women

If fat loss is your primary fitness goal, there are a few points that you should remember over and above everything else you read regarding weight loss because as a female, your body does respond slightly differently.

By catering your diet and workout program towards women’s fat loss specifically, you’ll not only see better results but you’re going to enjoy your time on the program that much more as well.

While men and women both will lose body fat in a similar way – by creating a caloric deficit through reduced food intake and increased energy expenditure, there are some key differences that occur as you achieve this objective.

Let’s take a look at a few of the important fat loss quick tips that you need to know.

Choose Lower Carb – Not No Carb

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The very first of the women’s fat loss tips that you must know is that when looking at the various diet approaches out there, you should consider something lower carb, but not completely carb-free or ultra low carb.

It’s true that women’s body’s do tend to respond better to reduced carbohydrate intake, but at the same time, if you go cutting out all carbs, not only will you feel incredibly sluggish, but your metabolism will really be impacted by this – more than a man’s may.

So by keeping some carbohydrates in the diet, preferably at least 100 grams per day, this will help to keep your metabolism revved so you can see maximum fat loss results. A slow metabolism is a quick way to kill any diet plan, so this must be avoided. Another important tip is to try to eat the right carbs as with the slow carb diet which keeps you satisfied with less calories from carbs.

Take Periodic Diet Breaks

food pyramidThe second important point women need to know about fat loss is that you should also be taking periodic diet breaks as you go about it as well. Diet breaks are going to help to relieve you psychologically from the stressors of dieting and also help to reset all the body’s hormones that regulate the rate of fat burning.

Females tend to be a little more emotionally tied to eating than men do, so by having these diet breaks in the plan you’ll have a much better chance of sticking with that diet long-term.

If you fail to take diet breaks, over time you may find you get more and more stressed about the program in general, and find cheating starts to become a problem.

Give yourself a 3-7 day diet break once every 5-6 weeks that you’re on the plan and you’ll see far greater progress.

Monitor Your Activity Level

women monitoring their fitness levelAnother must-do for fat loss is to make sure you monitor your activity level. Many women are tempted to add hours of physical activity to their day since they do have lower overall energy requirements and will need to create that calorie deficit to burn fat.

But, one important thing to keep in mind is that really overdoing it on the exercise front could actually cause you to stop menstruating, which is a huge issue as far as overall health is concerned.

Not only does it really mess with your reproduction ability, but it’s also going to put your bones at risk for developing osteoporosis down the road, so you must aim to prevent this at all costs.

If at any point on your workout and diet plan you notice that you aren’t getting your regular period, it’s time to look at either cutting back on the volume of exercise you’re doing, or adding more food back into your diet. You’re currently taking things just a little too far and it’s hurting your overall health and well being.

If you can find that good diet that you’re excited to follow and meets your needs and then add in some forms of activity that you also enjoy, you’ll have a winning combination to achieve great progress with your fat loss goals.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the best dietary supplements women should take to burn fat?


The best weight loss supplement for you depends on multiple factors including how much weight you need to lose and what caused your weight gain in the first place. If you are overweight because you constantly over eat, then a appetite suppressant would make sense. If you’ve gained weight because you’re too lazy to exercise, then perhaps an energy boosting supplement would be the best. There is not one supplement that can be regarded as the best women’s fat loss supplement but you can never go wrong with a good multivitamin, calcium supplement and/or other necessary nutrient supplements if you fear you are deficient.


How do I avoid reducing breast size during a fat loss program?


Much of the fear that women have for losing their breasts during exercise programs is due to female bodybuilders. The fact is, the vast majority of healthy, drug-free women will not have to worry about losing breast size for most fat loss programs. The exception is if the fat loss is taken to the extreme. Using unhealthy ways to lose weight including starvation will cause the body to lose an excessive amount of fat where it will take it from breast tissue. If you fear losing too much body fat, please refer to the body fat percentage in women chart found here.

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How do I concentrate the fat loss on my problem areas?


There is no natural way to spot reduce (lose fat on a specific area) body fat. The only way to directly target fat loss is a liposuction procedure. Fat loss will occur throughout the body, and due to the amount of storage fat in your problem areas, they will likely be the last place you notice fat loss. This is where your patience comes in.

More Fat Loss and Physical Fitness Information for Women

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