Key Tips for Women Lifting Weights

Key Tips Women Must Know About Weight Training

Woman Lifting Weights in the gym

Cardio and Weight Training are Equally Important

For women lifting weights, it’s vital that you’re making the most of your training so that you can see the muscle firming and defining that you’re after. More and more females are starting to desire that fit and curvy look that weight training can provide and are stepping away from the cardio machines and into the free weight session at the gym.

This is very good news because women who lift weights will naturally have a higher overall metabolic rate and will easily be able to prevent fat gain, so it’s important to do this form of activity to ensure you maintain your body weight over time.

Women who lift weights do need to remember a few key tips though to ensure that they are going about the process properly, so let’s take a look at a few factors to keep in mind.

Utilize Heavy Weights

Woman Lifting WeightsIf achieving noticeable results are very important to you, the first thing that women will want to do is make sure that they are fully challenging their body at all times.

One of the biggest mistakes that’s often made is using far too light of a weight that really won’t produce any type of strength gain or enhanced definition.

Put down the five pound weights and try ten or fifteen pounds. Often when you push yourself you’ll come to realize that you’re stronger than you once thought.

Keep Your Rest Periods Shorter Short Rest Periods

Moving on, another important thing for women who lift weights to remember is that if fat burning is the goal, rather than doing light-weight, high rep training, maximize the calorie burn by instead shortening up the rest periods.

This will work far better to boost your metabolism after the session and ensure you continually burn calories all day long.

Aim for rest periods of around 30-60 seconds between most sets if you can and then also add in some supersets where you pair two exercises back to back.

This is a great way to really increase your ability to burn fat quickly.

Perform Compound Movements Often

When looking at the exercise selection for female weight lifting, just like with men, you want to think compound lifts.

Compound exercises are those that will stimulate entire muscle groups at once, therefore burn far more calories overall. If you spend your sessions doing isolated exercises where you only target on small muscle group, not only will your workouts take much longer since you’ll be hitting every muscle individually, but you’ll also seriously slow down your progress.

Put as many exercises into your routine as you can that work more than one muscle at once. Lunges, step-ups, deadlifts, squats, bench press, push-ups, pull-ups, rows, and shoulder presses all are perfect additions to your routine.

Change Your Routine Regularly

Our next must-do for women who resistance train is also to ensure that you’re changing your routine up often. The biggest mistake some women lifting weights make is going into the gym and performing the same workout over and over again.

While the workout may have produced great results when you first started, the problem is now your body has adapted and is no longer showing the progress you’re after.

In order to ensure you keep making gains from each session you do, change something around. Whether you add in a new exercise, change the reps or sets you’re doing, reverse the order during the workout, or alter the rest periods, something needs to change at least once a week.

If you do this, then you’ll never hit that dreaded plateau and continually see improvements taking place in your body.

So there you have the top weight training tips for women. This is definitely the best form of exercise to be doing if you want to make a complete body transformation so by getting started with it right now, you know you’re on track to success.

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