Key Exercises for Women Over 50

woman over 50 exercisingHow to Correctly Modify Exercise Selection as we Age

If you’re moving past your 40’s, it’s time to take a good look at some important exercises that you can be doing to help ensure that your body stays strong and you maintain a healthy weight into these next years of your life.

At this point in time you’re likely placing a higher priority on factors such as your energy levels throughout the day, bone health maintenance, as well as increasing your metabolic rate to help ward off the weight gain that can come about with menopause, so your exercise selection must reflect these new goals.

There’s no reason you can’t attain these goals and maintain the healthy and active lifestyle you love if you utilize the right exercises.

Let’s take a good look at some of the best exercises for women over 50 to be considered as part of your workout routine.

Circuit Training

Circuit Training for older women

The very first of the top exercises to know about is circuit training. If you want a fast and effective workout program, this is a good route to go.

Circuit training is great for women over 50 because since it is so fast paced in nature, it’s going to not only provide cardiovascular benefits to keep your heart staying healthy, but also really help to rev your metabolism and up your total calorie burn as well.

Making sure that you’re burning sufficient calories over the course of the day is one of the most critical things to fighting weight gain, so circuit training will be highly beneficial in this regard.

In addition to that, since most of the exercises that you’ll do in circuit training routines will be weight bearing, this will go a long way towards helping increase your overall bone strength and health.

Finally, circuit training will help to build strength in your muscles and prevent lean muscle mass loss, which is yet another thing that you need to be concerned about at this point in your life.

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Swimming Woman

The second of the top 50 exercises for women to consider is swimming. While doing some weight bearing activities are definitely important, you don’t want to overdo things or you could set yourself up for stress fractures.

Constant running can prove to be quite problematic for women over 50, so instead of getting your cardio workouts in through that activity, try swimming instead.

Swimming is a great full body workout that takes all stress off the joints and will help to increase your muscular endurance as well.

When done intensely enough, swimming can be just as good of a calorie burner as running, or any other activity for that manner, so is definitely one to consider for your weight loss program.

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Yoga for Women over 50

Finally, the last of the top exercises for women over 50 is yoga. At this point in your life unless you are taking steps to try and boost your flexibility and range of motion, you are going to find that you start getting a lot tighter and stiff in all your muscles and joints.

Yoga will quickly help to relieve this. Not only will does it prove to increase your range of motion, but it’s also going to increase your balance and coordination, while providing great stress relief.

Maintaining a stress-free lifestyle is important to overall health and wellness, so it’s great when an exercise can offer dual benefits like this.

Remember that there are many different yoga varieties that you can partake in, so whether you’re looking for a more strength based form of yoga such as power yoga or you want a relaxation based yoga such as Hatha yoga, seek out a class that’s right for you.

So there you have it, some of the best exercises for women over 50 that you should consider adding to your overall workout routine. If you can be sure to include plenty of overall variety in your workout sessions, then you should have no problem staying committed and looking forward to each workout session that approaches.

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